Whistling passed the cemetery-hypothetically speaking

Each week, Jerry Schappert and Bryan Baird recap some of the most interesting posts from the Pest Cemetery Facebook Group.

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For the latest edition of Whistling Past the Cemetery, the guys cover two questions by Jody Mills.

Jody’s first question placed Cemeterians in a “hypothetical” situation. Jody posted:

You are doing an extra service call at a restaurant account for another technician who is out sick that day (you’re being paid for the extra service, so the money isn’t an issue for you). Upon doing an inspection for the issue that elicited the extra service call, you see evidence that the technician–who had just serviced the account a week prior–has not been doing the service properly, and is in fact being untruthful on his service tickets (which you were provided copies of for the xs call) about what he is doing. What do you do about it?”

Here’s the second question posted by Jody:

So, I’m curious to know what is considered decent money for a route technician in other areas. Where I am, with my company, our route techs make between $50K and $65K a year. We’re commision-based, except for termite work, where techs are paid a flat hourly rate of $20/hr. Of course, where I currently live, the cost of living is fairly high and for a family to thrive, both spouses need to be working and making decent money.

I just did a start yesterday in a golf course neighborhood where the homeowners are selling and moving to Arizona because the taxes and property costs are apparently way cheaper than in Oregon. So, what say you?”

The last post covered on the podcast came from Aaron Williams. Aaron wrote:

“So I’m a new small business owner. No employees or book keepers or anything. Just me. Just curious if there was a good way to get my name out there faster. Or could use some tips to get more leads. If y’all have anything that would be great.”

Thanks for the questions Jody and Aaron!

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