What Is The Best Bait For Mouse Traps?

Over the years I get this question quite a lot. What is the best bait for mouse traps? Is there any one thing that will lure them in time after time without fail? For as long as there has been mouse traps I think people have used cheese for the main attractant, peanut butter is another popular choice as well. Both of these have strong and desirable odors for a mouse that last for some time but so many times homeowners get frustrated because in the morning when they check their traps, the bait is gone but there is no mouse to be had. I’ve seen people use all sorts of different concoctions and believe it or not- everything has worked at least one time or two. The real question I think people are asking however isn’t what will attract the mouse to the trap but what substance will ensure them getting caught. I say, Why not get service from a pro?

Truth be told there is no lure that will do this on its own- your success in catching a mouse depends more on #1 selection of the trap used and #2 how you place it. Pro’s I speak to are using more and more of the gel lures on both glue boards and snap traps. Keeping a jar of peanut butter is fine but can get a bit sloppy or even contaminated rolling around the tool box of a bug truck. There is also an issue of peanut allergies that can be very serious so this is becoming less and less used. Other baits such as cheese just aren’t practical but even so I’d be willing to bet that most professional exterminators could catch more mice in any given home without the use of a lure at all over a homeowner who could choose any attractant they wanted.

The Difference?

Placement pure and simple. By simply knowing where to place a trap based on the evidence, habits and natural tendencies a professional exterminator will get far better results. When they couple this knowledge with some of the new lures and traps that have come out in recent years it seems like it would be a no brainer for the homeowner with a mouse infestation to just let the experts handle it . If you’d like, please check out some of my videos and articles on placement tips linked to below. But if you are wise, you’ll give a call to your local pro and have them come out and seal the deal. I even put in a cute video here that you can watch while you’re waiting for them to arrive. If you pay attention you’ll see the principle of placement in action and why it’s so important. ūüėČ

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  • Cmlebugg

    I used to have a boss that was bad about suppling bait so I had to learn to be creative i.e.whatever I had been eating in the truck.  One of my favorite snacks was Quaker Oatmeal To Go Bars the Banana Bread flavor.  I had the best luck catching mice and I still got most of  my snack too.  I have used spearmint gum and spearmint lifesavers on traps and caught mice.  

  • That is awesome Cmiebugg, I can see it now- New product launch and logo

    “Quaker Oatmeal To Go Rodent Bars! The last meal for a mouse that is also good for them”

    You could make millions…lol

  • Mel

    Green dye, gelatin, and a small amount of ground up¬†bird seen or peanut butter?¬† I think I’ll have a peanut butter sandwhich and¬†so would the mice. All these years using peanut butter and I have not heard¬†of a peanut butter reaction¬† from my customers.¬†¬†Without a doubt allergic reactions happen but since the hype regarding peanut butter allergic reaction started about ten years ago. I have yet to meet someone who claims to be allergic. Then came all the latex hype. What’s next?

  • I’ve read about the peanut allergy mostly (pct I believe had an article) but I did see the panic first hand once. We were on a plane and little bags of peanuts were passed out–a few minutes later- HORRIFIED flight crew members practically ran down the isle grabbing the baggies from everyone & they weren’t taking no for an answer. I thought it odd but that image now is stuck in my head whenever I hear of it.
    Of course I get more of the “I have asthma- or am allergic to YOUR (evil) spray” from uniformed occupants of homes or employees where I’m servicing than anything. Maybe I should just break out a jar of peanut butter the next time I get a scolded like that–lol

  • Nick

    I love to use bread. In the Victor Snap traps, I shove bread in the teeth of the bait holder so that it stays. I’ll catch mice all night long! They seem to literally stop in their tracks when they see bread for some od reason!

  • Awesome! I can envision that working well. Looks like I’ll have to start putting a loaf f bread in my truck.
    Thanks Nick, Great Tip.

  • Woodrow

    Don’t be angry or frustrated if mouse steals the bait. That just means you’ve entered into a dialogue with mouse, and you have to be patient. Let mouse steal the bait 2 or 3 times more, then tie the bait onto the trip-treadle so that the final time, mouse will trip the trap.

  • Bobby

    i feel rats go for bread more and mice usually chocolate or crisps

  • Bobby

    i also feel the old break back traps have seen their day and even walking across the room can set them off, best thing that has been brought out is the glue boards a lot of people dont like them as they can see the mouse or rat struggling to get off the board so i always ask the customer first before i put them down and to call me right away if anything is on the board, i remember years ago it came in a can and you had to get a piece of cardboard cut it to shape and a stick to take it from the can and spread it on the cardboard, so bloody time consuming… lol

  • Made many a glue board like that..lol Have you tried the new Trap Rite cardboard stations? Hide your trap or glue board very well so the client does not see.

  • Bread can be good as you can make em have to work a bit to get it. SNAP!!!

  • Bobby

    i usually do Jerry, but they have to know where it is to inspect it on a daily basis incase anything is caught and i can come back and remove it as its less time for it to suffer, thanks…

  • Bobby

    another good tip is to put an elastic band over the bait and the rodent has to pull at it…….

  • Shar

    What ever happened to good old fashioned cheese ? It doesn’t work anymore ??

  • Gets dry to quick