Tips on avoiding ticks

by The Bug Doctor

ticks20poster201 167x300 Tips on avoiding ticksWith warmer weather coming we all want to get out and stretch our legs. Time to grease up the bike and hit the trail or just take a pleasurable walks with the pets. As we come out of our winter time stuper so do ticks. Last year was a banner year for this pest and indications are this year will be much of the same. It can be a bit like watching a scary movie, you know the monster is coming, you just don’t know when.
Here are some tips on how to avoid ticks or at least minimizing your exposure to them and the dreaded Lyme disease they carry. Also don’t forget the pets. They need you to keep them tick free. They don’t have opposable thumbs.

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  • http://google Stacey

    Thanks for providing the information you provide. My six-year-old son is a tick magnet. He and 20 other children can be outside for the same amount of time and not only will he be the only one with a tick, he usually has at least 3. I know how serious Lyme’s disease can be, thanks again for providing clear information on what to do.

  • admin

    Your are welcome Stacey,

    I wish I knew why certain people attract ticks, mosquito’s or fleas. Just like you say, there can be other people around and they are not bothered but the “magnet people” always are. I’m happy that some of my writing has helped you and it’s comments like yours that make it worthwhile. Please let others know that pestcemetery.com is here to help for any of thier pest control need there may have too.

    Thanks again

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