The worst roach job I’ve ever seen Part 3 The Show is Canceled The Matrix was Betrayed

I’m not one for taking breaks when I work cause I like to just get in and get the job done. I’m famous for woofing my lunch down on the road, working in the pouring rain and don’t even think about calling me during a job. Somehow in this case I decided to take a few minutes and sit in my non air conditioned apartment on wheels (thanks Megatron Pest Company) and just try to take in what I had just witnessed and what I was about ready to get back into.

Have you read part one and part two? If not perhaps you should and make sure to come back and the conclusion to this story might make a whole lot more sense. I know I’ve only seen a fraction of what other pro’s and homeowners alike have seen so please feel free to comment below and share your worst roach experiences.

It was blazing hot in the Baltimore sun as I reloaded my weapons and planned in my mind the rest of my assault. I was now so far behind on my schedule and feared the wrath of my service manager if he got to many calls from waiting clients. I was really low on supplies but I found a 1/2 can of Aero Term which could knock a bull on its butt so my strategy changed from on all out chemical warfare to one of stealth and economy treatments. (whatever the hell that means–remember I was a rookie) As I entered back inside the heat was the same but I could tell immediately that is was very very humid.

“Man O man Mr. Jerry, you sure are working hard today, I do so appreciate that God has sent you to me,” my lovely client said and I knew she meant it and it was her sincerity and strength that urged me on to do whatever it took to make her life better in my own little way.

I asked her to move to another room and I began working at a furious place knowing I had stops waiting for me. The couch was disgusting and indeed I found just as many dead roaches squashed in the cushions as I did alive. Flipping the thing over revealed hundreds more and as they scattered I judiciously contacted them all with my aerosol of death and my now refilled B&G set on fan spray. I wasn’t smart enough to fire up the vacuum that was perched in the corner nor did I think I had the time. My lady was talking again but not as much as in the beginning. She let me know she had a hard life but was thankful none the less. Being blind might seem like a handicap but I sensed she had no room for people to pity her. She rarely asked for help but these roaches really got the best of her this time.

As I got further from the kitchen the problem subsided immensely. This was a 3 story row home and with the population explosion in the kitchen I was pleasantly surprised there wasn’t much at all in the basement or upstairs. I worried that she might complain I rushed through the rest of the house but I declared the job done and explained what she could expect in the coming month. Being curious I took one last look in the kitchen and couldn’t believe the carnage I had wrought. It was a sea of dead roaches almost all on there backs with most still twitching or running around in a tight circle. I couldn’t leave this lady who couldn’t see with such a mess fearing she may fall on the slick of dead roaches and the thought of the little one crawling around while mama tried to clean was something I couldn’t bear. It only took a short time but I swept up all the bugs and grabbed the vacuum and did what I could on the thick living room carpet. It wasn’t perfect but at least this mostly self reliant person could get what was left.

I’ve seen so many things in my career that I don’t know if anything much shocks me anymore but just when I say that this profession of mine will just throw me for a loop. Megatron pest Control who was my employer demanded one year contracts and came down hard on salesmen whose deals fell through. (especially when it happened in the early stages) The penalty for early cancelations was called a ‘chargeback’ meaning any money the salesman gained from the sale was taken out of his next commission check. The formula was complicated to say the least but it was an ‘out’ for the sales weasel 🙂 to blame the service guy and he could at least get the clean out fee commission which amounted to about $10.00. That rarely worked but it was used in this instance because when I called my customer for her first regular visit she explained she couldn’t afford it and had to cancel her contract. As mandated I asked her why and she explained she wasn’t satisfied.

I was a bad tech for a day or two and had to listen to my manager explain the virtues of retaining customers and endure dirty looks from the sales guy who lost a whopping $45.00. But he didn’t see the wonderful lady I saw who tried to get ahead, the woman with a baby who could barely make ends meet. Her life was something so many would pity but she’d have none of it and did what she had to do for her baby who was her pride and joy, her reason for life. She knew these insects were bad news and she told me many times that she prayed to God to send her someone who could solve her problem and give her just a little help. In the end it didn’t matter what my boss said or the salesman thought because I knew she couldn’t afford anymore than the initial visit and truth be told some 25 years later, I’m the one who told her how to cancel. And truth be told just a little further, it took me 3 more months to solve her problem and clean up all her roaches and yes I did it as a side job but I never accepted a dime. My apologies to Megatron pest Control.

And the curtain closes:

Part one and Part two

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Jerry Schappert is a certified pest control operator and Associate Certified Entomologist with over two and a half decades of experience from birds to termites and everything in between. He started as a route technician and worked his way up to commercial/national accounts representative. Always learning in his craft he is familiar with rural pest services and big city control techniques. Jerry has owned and operated a successful pest control company since 1993 in Ocala,Florida. While his knowledge and practical application has benefitted his community Jerry wanted to impart his wisdom on a broader scale to help many more. was born from that idea in 2007 and has been well received. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.

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  • eddy

    wtf blind with baby and roaches call child services asap
    u suld b arrested im reporting this site so they can contact you and find this poor defenseless babys adress get them to some were clean and get her ears checked out i understand u helped but theres a lot more there to be done scum bag

  • I would almost consider your comment ‘spam’ but you have no hidden link and your spelling betrays you as just a person who has poor reading skills that go along with it. So I’ll assume you are genuine in what you wrote.

    I’ll assume then that you feel a blind person or someone with a handicap cannot or shouldn’t be allowed to have children. That this person like so many millions of “normal” people like yourself have tried and failed to get rid of roaches so they should be condemned especially if they have children. That even though at great expense they bought DIY remedies and in the end spent more on a professional but that has no bearing according to you.
    I also will assume that you didn’t read part one, two or three very well because it is a story that took place over 25 years ago. (all true however so call if you must)

    With all my assumptions I will say I am right about one thing- You and people like you who sit in judgmental seats and cast aspersions with your limited views could not even hold a candle to the fine lady I wrote about and met all those years ago.

    Thank you for your comments

    The Bug Doctor

  • Eric J

    This site was one of many I found in a search for “worst roach stories” after being crippled with fear after the sight of one tonight. What I found instead was an incredible story, written by a man with the heart of gold. You’re a straight up hero dude.

  • Very kind of you Eric,

    Thank you.

  • Very Kind of you Eric,

    Thank you.

  • Boo Radley

    30 years ago my brother in law worked for one of the major pest control companies, and used to horrify us with his stories, particularly stories about a few of the local chinese restaurants (personally the only time I ever saw a roach in a restaurant was in a nice Thai restaurant in Ohio.) This story was worse than anything he ever told!

    I must say that you are a true gentleman for helping out this unfortunate woman 🙂

  • Thanks Boo-
    Some of the best stories are from the old vets of pest control– hey wait! Does that mean I’m an OLD vet? 😉

    Thanks for visiting my site, come on by anytime and I’ll share more

  • JBMORE007

    I enjoyed your story pt. 1-3 you did a great thing for this lady and her baby that is why you will always be blessed the world is full of people that do not care about anyone but themselves case in point below you will find an example, my hats off to you THANKS

  • Thank you JB,

    I’m in a profession where I get called all sorts of things.. bugs bring out all sorts of emotions in people. I usually don’t mind those but at times they do wear a person out.

    Having said that–comments like yours make my job and blog all worth while.

    Thank you

  • Mrygrvs

    I came across this story will trying to find out how to kill off my own roach problem that has become insanly bad. I really dont care how strong the chemicals are that need to be used. So with that in mind, do you know what will kill these pest off fast?

  • Starve them of at least 2 of the 3 elements they need most and then your sprays, baits or whatever you choose will seem like it’s on steroids. #1 Food #2 Water #3 Harborage
    This may help–

  • JustMe

    Shame on you, Eddy!  Having an overload of roaches and being blind does not constitute the removal of a baby from her mother.  What’s wrong with you??  It sounds as if this mother did the best she could with what she had, which is more than I can say for some mothers without handicaps (other than being a lazy slob), and roaches!  You’re an idiot!To the bug man, thank you so very much for being such a great person.  We need more people like you.  It breaks my heart, too, when children are in need of something (even roach killing) and no one cares.  I tend to take the weight of the world on my shoulders (especially for children) and it does my heart good to hear stories like this.  You’re awesome for what you did! 😉

    With that being said, I was actually here to see if I could get my brother some help.  He has a great deal of issues, and roaches are probably not on the top of his list to rectify, but I now have custody of his 9-year-old daughter.  The roaches were mentioned in the report.  Are roaches really an endangerment to a child?  Just curious.  When social services brought my niece to me, I kindly asked that I wanted nothing from her home because my brother’s roaches tend to travel with anything!  My sister-in -law came over once and found one in her pocket!!  I have a very weak stomach and I just can’t take roaches.  A few years ago, I had a bug man come here because my father (who used to live there with my brother) brought roaches with him.  What a nightmare!  I was pregnant and still nauseated, so the bugs only made things worse.  Man I despise those bugs…ugh!

    I’m sure hearing about how the roaches travel with clothing and such, that you have a pretty good idea how bad the situation is.  Short of burning the place to the ground, what would you suggest?  My brother also cannot afford a bug man (well, he probably could, but that’s a whole ‘nother story) and I want to help my brother get his daughter back.  Like I said, he has other things to “fix” before he can get her back, but I was hoping this would force him to get rid of his roaches, too…for my niece’s sake  (and a little for mine if they plan to come here every weekend to see her until she is given back – I actually have their 20-year-old living here, too, as well as my father, my mother-in-law, and four boys of my own, so I can’t afford to keep calling the bug man).  They literally crawl on her while she sleeps (you have no idea how badly I just cringed typing that!!).  I would kill those suckers one by one and not sleep till they were all gone if they were crawling on my boys!  Man that geeks me out!

    Is there something at Lowe’s and/or Home Depot that would get rid of them, provided my brother works really hard at it and is consistent?  I might add that he lives in a trailer.  I always heard once a roach enters  a trailer that there is nothing that can be done.  What are your thoughts…

    Oh, and sorry for talking so much – I figured you were used to it, though.  lol  And yes, I drove the bug guy nuts that came here for my dad’s room, insisting there were roaches in my kitchen, too, and he did not agree…but there were!! 😉 



  • Hey JustMe,

    Sounds like you do carry some weights – I hope you are some day at least appreciated for it- ( I know that doesn’t happen as much as one would think)

    I would suggest these steps in my article

    If he is serious about getting rid of the roaches, these steps are not something him or anyone can by pass. Short of that and results will never come.

    As far as the roaches being on the report- It can hinder people from being allowed to live or return to homes infested. I see this mainly with older folks that are medically needy. Visiting nurses or others that have to visit will report it and then the powers that be- ‘require’ professional service. At that point, just a receipt of service is usually enough to allow people to return–Not entirely sure how or if it works this way everywhere but that is what I’ve seen.

    Good luck & if you need more detailed info please feel free to contact me via my ask the bug doctor page.

  • Freaking Out In KY

    ok, we have rented this house, found out there were roaches prior to moving in bought some of those “foggers” and they did help but of course that wasn’t enough. So we called an exterminator, he came and sprayed everywhere before we moved anything into the house. Its been a week and I still see plenty of them. 3 nights ago I came in from work and flipped the light on in the kitchen and saw at least 8 of all different sizes run up the cabinet and up under the lip of my counter top! I took out the ortho home defense max and proceeded to spray up under each and every counter top, down the base board and side trim, in and around each cabinet, in and around each drawer, and then even in the metal fixtures that house the rollers for the drawers. I actually sprayed so much that it pooled in the floor and ran across the floor. There were at least 20 that came out first, all different sizes. They were dying but I stomped and fly swatted each and every last one, swept them up and took them outside. An hour later I went back into the now breathable kitchen and found bought that many more trying desperately not to die. I stomped and swept them up again and left the room a 2nd time. The 3rd time I didn’t see any more nor have I seen any more in the kitchen. But in the length of time it took me to read the 3 parts of this article I had to kill 3 running along the bottom of the coffee table, while it was pretty dim in here, it’s certainly not dark. It was a rainy morning but there was light coming through the window -(blinds were raised) and the 42 inch flat screen was tuned in to cartoons. I read online that some roaches make a clicking noise, which I think I may have heard this am but every time I would turn my head toward the faint sound it would stop. Even though I cleaned the floors, counters, trim work, and painted every wall, there is still a weird smell. I opened the fridge -(roach free when I brought it over) and found 1 in the bottom scurrying about, The exterminator will be coming back for a follow up spray in a week, that’s already paid for. I am almost broke now with the cost of pest control, paint, and the huge cost of moving, so paying for additional services from him won’t be possible for a few months or longer. I am keeping everything clean, trash taken out away from the house, and left the cabinet doors and drawers open to every cabinet in the house. The hubby is sealing cracks as soon as we find them, The thought of roaches living in my walls freaks me out and I have 3 boys so that’s hard to do. When I was younger I went to a friend’s house to spend the night. I was told by others that their house was nasty so I was expecting dirty laundry and dirty dishes. But I was not prepared for what I saw when I woke up in the middle of the night. I was having trouble sleeping with the moon light in my eyes, so I rolled over to face the window -which by the way I was lying so close to i could touch the glass if I leaned up just a bit- the window pane was loose from the wall and covered in a swarm roaches, from the corner of the trim work that spread out in a 5 or 6 inch diameter from the window. I woke my friend up and she said “Oh they are just roaches meant to tell you not to leave your coke can sitting out either, they like sugar.” She rolled over and went back to sleep. It didn’t take me long to call my mom. Ever since I have this almighty hatred for the creepy crawlers. I have never had roaches in all my 31 years, now that they are already here, I don’t know what to do next. The fact that I still see them often worries me. but the good news is the sightings since the initial spraying has stopped in the basement, and all 3 bedrooms -even the 2 with a shared wall to the kitchen. But I still see them in the kitchen, the closest bathroom to the kitchen, and the living room which is open to the kitchen. Do you think the infestation is still pretty bad? I know it’s true that you have hundreds, maybe even thousands more than you can see, especially if sightings occur during the day. I know bad house keeping is what made this infestation so bad in the first place -I had to clean every inch of this house before we moved in, I also know I do not want to live any longer with these disgusting bugs. What I don’t know is what to do next. Do you think one more spray do the trick? Or is there more I need to do? Short of moving I am will to put the time and effort into getting rid of them, I swear I wish they would just invent a material to build houses out of that would be toxic for a roach to come in contact with! I realize that’s highly unlikely, a girl can dream can’t she. Please help me. Oh yeah one more question. Is it true that roaches can lay eggs in people ears?!? That’s just … UGH… gives me the willies typing it on the screen.

  • No on the ear question–
    as far as how to proceed, why not let your hired exterminator direct your next course of action? He can see first hand what you’re dealing with and since you’re paid up, take advantage of his knowledge. If you need treatment tips then this article wasn’t for you–try any article in this section of my site.

    They’ll be of much more direct help.

  • MrsPotatoHead

    I know this article is old, but I just happened to run across it today. I did not expect to nearly cry as I finished it, but your kindness really struck me. I’ve been in hard situations before, and every act of kindness that was shown to me in those times are things I will never forget. I’m sure this lady still remembers what you did for her. Thank you for being a great person. The world needs more people like you. You are awesome.