The Tornado Of Pests In Your Bathroom & How They Gain Access

In case of bad weather it’s a common practice to seek shelter in the bathroom of your home. I’m sure there are several good reasons and it must work because so many of the news reports I’ve seen are where folks survived violent storms tucked away in this small room. Often the scene is that most of the home is blown away but the bathroom remained somewhat in tact as the people recall their harrowing ordeal and how they were kept safe by this one purpose room of the home.

So you’d think with such a fortress of a room that not only would it keep you safe from inclement weather but also, at the very least be the room most likely to stay bug free in your home. Not so, in fact bathrooms can be quite the entry way where insects small and large can make their way in past what we might think of as impossible entry points. Bugs in the bathroom is a common complaint from homeowners everywhere and what baffles most is just HOW did these small bugs get in there in the first place?

This video is a quick glimpse into the bare bones of a bathroom and illustrates some of the classic points pests use to enter your bathroom area. I hope it helps.

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