The Top 28 Biting & Stinging Insects In The United States

In today’s post we have provided an infographic that includes the top 28 biting and stinging insects. Now mind you, these aren’t the only biting insects in the USA. However, these are the top ones known online, according to much research and reports provided by universities.

We have other resources also based on complaints posted online by individuals that was bitten by these insects. These post helped us, along with personal experience, decide what bugs made the list and those that wouldn’t.

When creating this resource we had questions we wanted to see answered such as:

  1. Was the bug “dangerous”?
  2. Was it medically significant?
  3. The bite/sting hurt?
  4. Was it known to infest?
  5. Could it kill a human?
  6. Can they fly?
  7. Is it easily recognizable?

These were all factors we thought would be important to know when building this resource for the online world. So before you start playing around with the bugs next time, take a look at this infographic provided by Pestpro.


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  • Shelly Whitson

    i have found myself doing the same laundry over and over. After I threw out my $900.00 mattress and box springs for fear of bed bugs when what I saw of about half dozen bugs and after setting off bombs throughout the place and still finding appearance resembling that of mosquitos I trapped to attemp to identify the flying culprits. I came to conclusion after looking through magnification to be both buffalo and sand gnats. There have been a few times over the past month where the sprinklers in front of the apt did not turn off and kept running to a point of approximately 2-4 inches of standing water and with that all in mind did further treatment using mixture of clorox and water around the outside of our patio in the rocks recently planted with greenery also.
    While doing this noticed same damn bugs crawling up the 3″ concrete leading to my patio. Of course i dowed them however have not done the additional borax due to pets of others.Finally after a few additional steps like bathroom vents and under sinks and other water sources i may have conquered . what you thinking?