Termite Treatment For A Mobile Home

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by The Bug Doctor

It’s not very often homeowners will venture up under their homes. Although I did write an article about an 80 year lady who did. I can’t blame anybody for not wanting to crawl under the house where it’s dirty and spider webs hang down like drapes in a haunted mansion. This dark abyss is often neglected by humans but is put to full use by insects, and critters of all kinds including termites.

Mobile homes almost always have crawl spaces and this area is used to run air ducts, plumbing pipes and electrical service throughout the home. While these things are essential for the operation of the home they also give the subterranean termite perfect access in complete secrecy. Some of the worst termite damage I’ve seen has been in crawl spaces just because of these factors. The following video is a quick trip up under a mobile home where I’ll show you a little of what needs to be done to put an end to the devastation that termites can do.

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  • Guest

    Thank you for doing the video! Very informative.

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    Thank YOU for your kind words and for visiting my blog.
    Come back soon

    The Bug Doctor

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  • Jeepergirl

    Great post, thankyou for sharing all your knowledge. We are downsizing to a manufactured home in Palm Desert, what is the cost of having an inspector come out and check underneath for prevention? Thank you

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    I don’t know what the charges may be in your area. Most companies will do it for free around here unless it’s for a real estate transaction–then it would be about 100$

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