Termite gas for your car

What the heck? I know termites do more damage to homes and structures than fires and storms and I also realize that they produce more methane than any other creature on earth. But now I’m to believe they are potentially the answer for our energy needs? How could something so small potentially be answer for a problem so big?

Well if one man has his way they will be. Well not exactly the termite itself but the microbes that live inside of it. These protoza help termites break down the wood they eat and without it no wood could be consumed.

The process seems promising and Steven Chu, a 1997 Nobel Prize winner is looking to the future when we all may pull up to the pump and fill up with this unusual but efficient material.

Check out the interesting article “Bugs in Termite guts may offer future fuel source.” Who knows, maybe some day you’ll be driving to the lumber yard to purchase some wood to replace what termites damaged, in your truck that is powered by termites.

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