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The Top 28 Biting & Stinging Insects In The United States

In today’s post we have provided an infographic that includes the top 28 biting and stinging insects. Now mind you, these aren’t the only biting insects in the USA. However, these are the top ones known online, according to much … Continue reading

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Spiders have tales you shouldn’t believe

Spiders are perhaps one of the most feared creatures on earth. Stories of arachnids abound and the fantastic tales grow each time they are told. From the spider who lived in a woman’s hair for years to the lore of … Continue reading

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Bug Doctor Minute; Catching spiders with water

Ok I know I’ve written on this subject once before but it seems that some folks don’t believe this tip actually works. Catching spiders with water is an old trick that I’ve used for years and actually have pretty good … Continue reading

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