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A War I Could Not Win Part II

As my feet grudgingly take me to my last stair downward, an over powering feeling of helplessness comes over me like a cold wave. In front of me is just the first part of an all but impossible task that … Continue reading

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Big Roaches Big Trouble In The Bathroom

Out of all the insects pest professionals take care of a daily basis, big roaches just don’t ever seem to make it on the most difficult list. These lumbering giants don’t have near the reproductive numbers as their smaller cousins. … Continue reading

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What’s The Grossest Thing You’ve Ever Seen In Pest Control?

So my son and I were sitting around talking about things I’ve seen in my career. He’s worked with me a for awhile and on any normal day you can be treated to some really wild things. The conversation eventually … Continue reading

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Why hasn’t anyone broken the world record for eating roaches?

When the Guinness Book of World Records was first conceived I’ll bet the creator had no idea of what a long and sustaining business he’d have. What started out as a way to settle arguments in ‘pubs’ across Britain and … Continue reading

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What the market will bear and the bug guy couldn’t

I’ve worn a bunch of different hats over the years. Some were really fancy sounding and looked great on a business card. I used to get looks at meetings from others who remembered me as just a tech and I … Continue reading

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