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Commercial Restaurant Pest Control Hot Spots

Ok, so you’ve landed that big restaurant pest control account because the last guy in couldn’t seem to get ahold of the situation. What are you gonna do that’s different to solve the problem? Commercial pest control services are a … Continue reading

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Roach Baiting At A Bar? Maybe You Should Pour Yourself A Drink

I love baiting for roaches- it is a valuable tool and when it comes to german roaches we need all the help we can get. What I don’t agree with is technicians, companies or groups who insist on baiting only … Continue reading

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Chalk talk episode #4 Treating the dishwashing area

Probably the most difficult place to do pest control in a commercial kitchen is the dishwashing area. The amount of constant moisture alone makes me wonder how it can be effective at all. It’s not unusual to have faucets drip … Continue reading

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