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The Pest Control Industry & The Media

The old saying “any publicity is good publicity” may work for some but I don’t think that’s ever worked for the pest control industry. Not at a national level anyways. Recently the national head line news has been the horrific … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t Pest Control Techs Leading The Lists In Deaths?

Did you know there is a top 15 list of the leading causes of death? (2010)- Ugh, morbid I know, but it is enlightening in the sense that what you may think should be at the top of the list … Continue reading

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Pin Stream Pest Control & Seeing Red

I’ve never been accused of having a bland imagination. No ones ever said my conclusions or correlations were so obvious that they could see them coming from a mile away. I’m not sure if that’s a real good thing or … Continue reading

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An invitation to deceive

Recently I received an invitation to join a group of people to engage in discussions, networking and perhaps becoming friends with the host and all of it’s members. Since pestcemetery is listed on everything from sodahead to facebook it’s very … Continue reading

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