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Route # 9- In The Beginning

Jerry 1:1 In the beginning was route #9 and it was without form, void and a complete and utter mess.

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Route #9 Coming Out Of The Closet

To this day I remember exactly how I was introduced to this gig. At the time I was working two jobs, an upscale deli making sandwiches by day and a low life greasy Greek pizza place moping floors and doing … Continue reading

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Simple Principles For The New Exterminator

Principles are a foundation in life, whether you apply good and solid ones or lax and half hearted, you will build upon the cornerstone based on the principles you choose. Your career in pest control is no different. Too many … Continue reading

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Quick Tips On Exterior Pest Control- Keeping Bugs Out

Keeping bugs out of your home has been and still is one of the most effective pest control strategies ever used. The old saying “shutting the barn door after the horse is out” comes to mind and aptly describes home … Continue reading

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Product Review – Boric Acid In A Can

I love dusts for pest control. Great residuals, versatile and they are labeled for a long list of pests. DE (diamataceous earth, Delta Dust, Drione, and Borid are a few of my favorites in the powder form. You’ll notice Borax … Continue reading

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