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Everybody Has A Special Deal With Jerry

I guess I’m not a very good business man. I mean if you compare me & the stereotypical tycoon type that is described in all the guru books, I fit NONE of the definitions. I might shave twice in one … Continue reading

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What’s The Hardest Part Of A Pest Control Complaint?

Re-do’s, courtesy calls, extra service visits, call it what you like but in the end it’s just a complaint. Complaint calls are part of the business and if I had the formula to eliminate them all, I’d be a wealthy … Continue reading

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Is Your Smart Phone The Dumbest Thing For Your Pest Control Service?

Does anybody remember just how we managed to get along before there were cell phones? Sifting through the trash on the floor boards of our bug trucks looking for .25 cents to use a pay phone. Planning our stops so … Continue reading

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For The Place Whereon Thou Standest Is Holy Ground

Let me ask you a serious question- Do you respect your customers home? I mean if you broke something would you insist on paying for it-would you even speak up? Do you burn through the place with little or no … Continue reading

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The secret sex tapes of an exterminator

I’ve always tried to lead a quiet an honest life but I am human and prone to mistakes just like anyone else. I’d like to think of my readers as a faithful family, there to pick me up when I … Continue reading

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