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The Top 28 Biting & Stinging Insects In The United States

In today’s post we have provided an infographic that includes the top 28 biting and stinging insects. Now mind you, these aren’t the only biting insects in the USA. However, these are the top ones known online, according to much … Continue reading

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Why I fight bugs by day and computer bugs by night

It’s amazing to think that we’re the only force between the human race and over 200 million insects. I mean, what’s stopping these guys from taking us over? There are single ants with the power to bring a man to … Continue reading

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If pest control was a super hero which one would it be?

Ok, so I’m a little whack but I just spent the weekend testing for the A.C.E. program and I’ve got insect facts like nodes,spiracles, kingdoms, genus and exoskeletons clogging up my brain so allow me a little creative license here. … Continue reading

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