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Pest Proofing Your Home DIY Style / Anything Helps?

Some things customers do with chemicals to combat pest infestations just make me scratch my head. I’ve had homeowners dump a 50 gallon drum of used motor oil around their home to thwart termites. If there’s any left over they’ve … Continue reading

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5 DIY Tips to Keep Bugs at Bay

Springtime is a great time of year. The cold bitter weather is tapering off and the hint of summer is just around the corner. Birds are singing in the air, and trees that were once dead are starting to bloom … Continue reading

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If You Build It Pests Will Come

Moisture attracts bugs, they need it to survive and they are well adapted to finding it anywhere it may be. Unfortunately, our homes attract moisture and offer insects and vermin not only harborage and protection but also this life giving … Continue reading

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