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Big Roaches Big Trouble In The Bathroom

Out of all the insects pest professionals take care of a daily basis, big roaches just don’t ever seem to make it on the most difficult list. These lumbering giants don’t have near the reproductive numbers as their smaller cousins. … Continue reading

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Refrigerators & Roaches-It’s worth a look

Do you pull out the refrigerator when you service a home? I’ll admit I don’t do this every time and hardly ever on regular maintenance where there is no real problem. Having said that, if you have or suspect german … Continue reading

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The American Roach

American Cockroaches are sometimes known as Water Bug or Palmetto Roaches. This largest of the common household roach did not originate in America but came in shipped cargo from Africa in the early 1600’s. While it is possible to have … Continue reading

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Roach Baiting At A Bar? Maybe You Should Pour Yourself A Drink

I love baiting for roaches- it is a valuable tool and when it comes to german roaches we need all the help we can get. What I don’t agree with is technicians, companies or groups who insist on baiting only … Continue reading

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How do german roaches get so out of control?

Almost everyday is an adventure for a pest control technician. With each stop of the day the chances are they’ll see something outrageously funny, strange, amazing, peculiar or positively gross and then it’s off to the next client to see … Continue reading

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