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If pest control was a super hero which one would it be?

Ok, so I’m a little whack but I just spent the weekend testing for the A.C.E. program and I’ve got insect facts like nodes,spiracles, kingdoms, genus and exoskeletons clogging up my brain so allow me a little creative license here. … Continue reading

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Top 3 reasons you have earwigs & the 7 links to get rid of them

I get tons of e-mails on the subject of earwigs and the comment sections at the bottom of all my articles are chock full of people asking advice or explaining their dilemmas with this pincer beast. So many people are … Continue reading

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Ode to the earwig and the WEB of lies

The misunderstood, feared and despised six legged creature whose endured vicious lies the garden is full of her furious wrath she devours it all and all in her path

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2010 the year of the pest

In the southeast we have had a record low temperatures in what seems like the longest winter I can remember. I think old Punxsutawney Phil better be careful because he didn’t make a whole lot of friends this year. Still … Continue reading

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Pincer bugs aka Earwigs

The pinchers on an Earwig are almost completely harmless, I say almost because they can arch their backs and give you a wee tiny prick. So on the scale of harmless they are about a 0.001. Continue reading

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