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Whistling passed the cemetery; the cobbler has no shoes

Each week, Jerry Schappert and Bryan Baird recap some of the most interesting posts from the Pest Cemetery Facebook Group. If you’re not a member, you can join here: PestCemetery.com

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DDT Did You Know

The following excerpts are presented to you from credible sources (cited below) and set in order to briefly tell the DDT story. I have set them this way because it would take the average reader several hours to glean all … Continue reading

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Is The Green Pest Control Debate Over?

What is the latest debate in the pest control world? ‘Move forward, responsible pest control, minimum risk’ and the ever popular, “get out of the past.” My question, (actually I have two) is why? Why are we even having this … Continue reading

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Pesticides In The Home- 20 Years After Treatment?

Have you ever used the Ask The Bug Doctor feature to this web site? Many people do every month not only from America but around the world. However; Where does the Bug Doctor go when he has a question? Hopefully … Continue reading

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