Star Wars for mosquitoes

The dreaded mosquito; man has devised all sorts of ways to rid himself of this plague.

Netted clothing
Aerial sprays
Sonic sound waves
Truck mounted rigs
Biologic controls

The list goeson and on but now introducing, The mosquito laser. It’s true my friends and it’s being funded by none other than the richest man in the world, Bill Gates. As part of an effort to wipe out mosquito borne disease ongoing research is being done on the use of laser technology to shoot down the winged blood sucker.

Apparently the laser targets the sound of the mosquito’s wings and fires off a shot lopping off both wings. That’s a neat trick. The research has not addressed the fact that only the female mosquito bites so millions of male mosquitoes will die needlessly. I’m sure P.E.T.A. will be thrilled.
I applaud this effort and am excited to see if this comes to full fruition. While the world of insects is an amazing to behold, the strides mankind has made in the last 100 years in the pest control field is equally as stunning.
I wonder however if it’ll make it all the way? What kinds of problems could a laser pose? Would it stop as soon as it hit? Or would it continue to a harder target? Would these be sold to the public and if so how safe would that be? Tell us what you think it would be like and what problems you see.

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