• Funwes3

    One of my earliest childhood memories (age 2-3) was having this bug “spit” in my mouth.  No amount of popsicles could sooth the pain on my tongue.  I learned a very important lesson that day: keep your mouth closed no matter how amazed you are.

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    Awesome story, I can see where that would leave a lasting impression….. lol
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  • sherie c

    Are they poisionious for animals?! My dog had a pair in his kennel & came out flipping & flopping from there … wasnt sure if they bite or if the ‘spit’ could make him sick?!

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    It might have shot some of its ‘goo’ if the dog reacted like that– but it is not posionous like a snake bite- more of a deterrent– albeit, a nasty one I’m sure.

  • Jill from Florida

    I’ve been seeing these around the outside of the house and porch for the past few months. I’ve seen the “regular” walking sticks plenty of times, but these were something new to me.

    About a month ago, I put my phone near one (I was coming home from work around 10 p.m. and wanted a closer look), and I saw this brown liquid suddenly splattered across the screen. Thankfully not my face.

    Today, my son (read: cat) approached one just outside of the back porch. As he was getting closer, he suddenly jerked back, did a backflip, and shot into the porch, one eye closed and looking like he had a bad taste in his mouth. Finally decided to look these guys up, because I was worried the stuff might be toxic.

    Good to know it isn’t, even if it probably burned my little furry son’s eye. I think his cheeks and lips got most of it.

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    Something he won’t forget I’m sure– Glad it wasn’t serious

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