Spider Babies Hatch Despite Dead Mother

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by The Bug Doctor

When you think of baby bugs you probably tend to think of the mother right there with them tending to their every need. This is true of a vast array of insects but not all. The earwig for example stays with her brood and actually defends them when danger is near. Bees and ants take care of their larvae’s needs (there the babies everybody calls ugly) from cleaning to feeding and even some spiders will carry their young on there backs until they are mature enough to go out on their own. Some other bugs like the oriental cockroach will just lay the ootheca is a secure place and even disguise it a bit but then just head off to resume her life.

As it goes in life not everything turns out as planned, wolf spiders are ones who take care of their young after birth. If she dies however the spiderlings are still able to hatch out but their survival rate may decrease without her help. We get calls all the time from folks who say they squirted a spider with Raid and it indeed died but the force of the spray sent HUNDREDS of BABY SPIDERS fanning out looking for cover. This freakish scene would be comical but I must admit it still catches me by surprise as well since the babies blend in so well on their mothers back. We also get the calls of a dead spider who has in her dead clutches a white egg sac and people are amazed that the babies can still hatch and move out. I found one such example in my shop and demonstrate the live babies and dead mother on video. Check it out;

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  • Mel

    I dont know how many years it took me to realize the egg sac eventually hatches and I should be removing or treating them too.

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    My truck bed is INFESTED with spiders on any given day of the week……… wifee hates it and makes me park in the back yard. All started with a litter of baby mice, but I digress.


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