The Skeleton Inside Your Home

We all like to think of our home, our castle as a solid impenetrable living space that keeps intruders such as pets out. The fact is that most homes are far from pest proof and have many different ways in which even the largest and clumsier bugs can make their way in. The trick as I see it is for an insect to simply get past the first layer of defense which we might like to think of as our homes ‘skin.’ This could be through a crack, unsealed gap, under the stucco or just through an open door or window. As a pest professional I take great care to treat this most susceptible area because once they get past this outer layer they can literally get just about anywhere in your home.

It’s hard to imagine this as you look at your solid drywall and the bricks of the fireplace but deep inside are voids and highways that lead from one room to the other. Insects and even rodents take advantage of the concealment and can move freely and find even the most impossible places to pop out which always catches us by surprise. This area is the “the skeleton of your home” and whether it is brick, block or wood frame doesn’t matter much and even your bug man is limited with standard treatments to really putting a stop to this vast highway that courses throughout.

Take a minute and watch this video as I show you this skeleton exposed and explain how pests utilize it to their advantage. I’ve also written several articles on pest proofing and more detail on just how unwanted critters find their way through the protective layers and into the heart of any home or structure. Please feel free to check them out with these links.

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