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by The Bug Doctor

Nothings more disgusting than opening up the ol fridge and have german roaches scurry about. It’s one thing to have roaches in the kitchen cabinets and drawers but the ice cold confines of the refrigerator is the last place you’d expect or want to find them. Now don’t get me wrong, roaches are cold blooded and it’s not as if the chilly air inside the box is good for them. They can and do however thrive on the innards of our most sacred ‘safe’ for our food and if you don’t address the problem correctly you will have a perpetual infestation in the kitchen as well as unwelcome visitors in where your food is suppose to stay fresh and clean.

I put this video together from a job I did recently where the german roaches were happy in just such an environment. The pictures are real and hopefully nothing you’ve experienced. Getting rid of german cockroaches is tricky because you don’t want to ruin the food inside but if you don’t get rid of the roaches you know your food will be contaminated anyway. But any successful roach extermination in the kitchen depends on you treating this appliance. See how I do it for customers everyday and what’s most important to achieving control.

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