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Getting rid of bird mites

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by The Bug Doctor

Ask any exterminator how to get rid of bird mites and they’ll give you some pretty good advice. “Get rid of the nest and you get rid of the mites.” Well I’m happy to say that this can and does work if you catch it quick enough and you indeed only have one source or nest. While some report bird mites can feed on humans the truth is they’ll only last a few weeks without a bird as a host but they do bite and it is very irritating. The itching and redness can last for weeks and most who are bitten have a feeling of invisible crawling things on them which would drive anybody mad after awhile.

Avian mites are parasites of birds, ANY bird and feed off the host much like a bed bug. They are clear or white in color until they feed where they’ll turn reddish brown. Their numbers can get up in to the tens of thousands with just a small nest of birds as hosts and can literally infest the walls, carpets and any surface. The more nests, the more mites and the more sleepless nights you may have. Mites are most active from sundown to sun up and tend to stay inactive on hot dry days. The mite is very small but with a little magnification you can spot them. They are known to infest bird seed containers and if you look very close you can see the movement of heavily infested seed storage.

How to get rid of mites

As mentioned you should remove any and all nests including those outside. Normally this doesn’t include the one high up in a tree soPicture 213 150x150 Getting rid of bird mites don’t go there but often times we allow a bird to build it’s nest just outside our window or up in a gutter so we can have the pleasure of watching them build and raise their young. This is the most classic way that a home gets infested and since the little buggers are most active at night you could be losing sleep and having reactions all in the name of watching nature at its finest. Other times the nest is not so easily located and places like the attic should be checked. I’ve seen where birds have built on or next to air ducts in the attic and the tiny mites either enter the ducts through a hole or simply find there way down in the home through the drywall cut outs for ceiling lights such as recessed lighting. Removing the nest is again paramount but treating this area can be difficult with all the insulation that provides cover.

Soap and water is probably your best friend to combat bird mites. Borax can be quite effective and can be safely used on many surfaces. Scrubbing the exterior window sill or using a hose end sprayer if it’s up to high will kill many of the mites and what it doesn’t get it should displace rinsing them harmlessly to the ground where they will soon die if they do not find another host. Inside scrubbing should include the general area and make sure to get some mix in the tiny cracks and crevices where you can. Mites hide out in those spots and will live through the ordeal if they are passed up. Steam cleaning the carpets in the same area (room) is also highly recommended.

Picture 39 150x150 Getting rid of bird mitesNow scrubbing drywall or up in the attic is not practical and will cause water staining with to much application. For this type of area or say around your computer desk with all those cords you might want to use a pyrethrum aerosol. CB 80 or 40 aerosols would do nicely and give you instant relief. There is no real residual with these products so re-application may be necessary. Laundering any bedding or curtains helps out greatly and make sure to check any pets bedding in the vicinity as well.

What to do if it’s your bird?

The best way to check for mites in a bird cage is to put a light sheet over and on the floor around the cage for the night. If you have what looks like pepper splattering in the morning you most likely have mites infesting your bird. (you can also use this white sheet in other areas to test for mites) At this point you need to really clean that cage from stem to stern. Birds are very susceptible to insecticidal sprays especially so close and for that reason I would not spray anything. You should at this time check the seed storage bin and throw it away if you have mites in there. You can freeze the seed for a week or so to kill the mites but why chance it? Anything like climb ropes should be discarded and the bird will need a vet to have anything done to it. Continue to use the sheet for monitoring for a week or more afterwards so you can be sure you’ve gotten all of them.

Still have mites?

If after all this you still have the pesky avian mite it is time to call in a pro. It’s not an everyday occurrence for most companies Picture 64 150x150 Getting rid of bird mites(including mine) to get that call and I’ve found more mites that the people didn’t even know they had than I’ve gotten calls for. In most cases it rarely takes more than removing the nest and treating with the flushing aerosol. One call did involve mites in a duct-Not wanting to spray inside the airway we simply cleaned what we could, repaired the duct and taped off the open vent. The tape captured a ton of mites that got blown to it every time the air went on and the problem was solved.

I’ve read horror stories on the web about whole house fumigations as the only answer to help these poor tortured people. Well, I don’t know if you can believe everything you read on your computer screen but could it get that bad? Well, it is possible I guess but I’ve never seen it. I guess you could say, it just mite.

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  • The Bug Doctor

    They shouldn’t last much longer without the host–(as long as ID is correct that they are indeed bird mites) I don’t mean to say you’re paranoid but so often we feel the sensation of creepy crawlies long after a traumatic episode like this. This could be the case for you.
    Remember-soap and water outside can also do wonders for eliminating mites… it may wash away your residual though so give the spray time to work before you start hosing the patio down

  • The Bug Doctor

    The dusting was a very good idea as these little things can easily pass through the voids in a wall. Fingers crossed

  • Devilwvl

    We have been struggling with bird mites for a bit over a week now, and just found this page. We finally have sprayed the house down with Dawn and it seems like we might finally be starting to win this war. We also picked up some solution from farm store that you can spray in a chicken coop and on chickens to control mites, so we’ll be trying that as well. The question I have is… there are a few nests that we found that is impossible to remove without doing structural damage. Is is sufficient to just soak them very well with Dawn mixture and then try to throw Sven Dust in there?

  • The Bug Doctor

    I like the soap idea but ‘throwing powder’ is never a good idea. Most pest control companies carry dust poles (bee poles) on their trucks that can reach quite high.

  • Devilwvl

     Can’t really afford to call them, so we have to try to get this done ourselves first.
     Dust Pole? What is that exactly? The way we were thinking of doing the dust was to target it with squirty rigged up things to go directly where we want it.

  • The Bug Doctor

    A dust pole is basically a duster on an extension pole so you can apply powders in high places. It’s the safest way to go so powder doesn’t come floating back down on you. Just be careful whatever you do

  • MichelleNJ

    I have a bird nest in my wreath on my front door that still has babies in it.  I noticed today a huge cluster of tiny black mights on my front door and under further scrutiny I located a few inside as well.  I called animal control to remove the nest and they suggested toughing it out until the birds leave the nest in about a week.  However I would prefer to avoid an infestation.  I have sprinkled borax powder and sprayed Seven on the inside of my door and will be using my garage as an entry point.  What are your thoughts on the best course of action?

  • The Bug Doctor

    Hey MichelleNJ,
    I love birds, I really do. But if you have the possibility of mites I would have to say it’s time to drawn the line and remove the nest. I’m not saying destroy it but if at all possible, relocate it to a tree or something away from the house. The momma will be upset but hopefully she’ll accept this and life will go on. Both for the birds and for you–the birds will still have the mites, you won’t.

  • MichelleNJ

     I appreciate the quick reply and honest answer.  I was struggling with what to do and now I know.  Thanks again Doc!

  • Gael

    Hi Bug Doc,
    Well this week makes it our 3rd month with mites.  A  2nd pest compamy I’ve been talking to finally I’D the sample as “some kind of mite”.  They were not going to be able to be here till next week, but I begged alot and they came yesterday.
    The tech was so hard working, just amazing. He really took our issue seriously.
    He “dusted” (blew) the attic and all vents above and below the house, sprayed inside, front and back yards, and before he left decided to fog all the rooms…
    He said it could be up to 30 days for complete resolution.
    We are just so happy that someone helped us!
    Thanks for all your help also!
    gael in Calif

  • The Bug Doctor

    Let’s hope this gets it for you.

  • Momentsaway3

    I have been bothered with bird mites for over 10 mon.I have had them before, got rid of them first time in 5mon.I have done the same things this time,plus every thing i’ve read on here, and still have them.There is not as many, I think they are dying out, is that possiable.I’ve only seen only white ones, so they are not feeding.My daughter lives with me and has never felt them,do they pick one person and not another, or the other person just doesn’t feel them? I just hope they are dying out. thank you

  • The Bug Doctor

    I hope they are dying out too…. they don’t differentiate, if she shares the same space as you when they’re around I can’t imagine they’d not crawl on her.

  • Malinda Crum

    we have a bird house hanging on our porch and it has babies in it. I don’t want to move the house until the babies can fly. But the mites are everywhere out there that I can not even use the porch. How much longer before the babies leave the nest?

  • The Bug Doctor

    Hi Malinda,
    I have no idea about birds and how fast they mature-I do know however, if they are that bad then it’s time to consider moving that nest now. You say it’s a bird house right. Then it seems to me you can move it without dismantling the nest. Again I’m no expert but I’ve got to think if you just moved it to a tree or fence post or something the mama will accept it. It’s either that or you accept the mites–please read some of the torment my readers shared in the comments below–you don’t want that. Once the nest is moved–hose the porch down with soap and water and pray they haven’t started inside already.

  • The Bug Doctor

    Do a ‘whois’ on his site & you’ll see he owns and runs several sites just like it but on other scary subjects. The people drive in the traffic with their fears.

  • Heather

    I had a birds nest in my eaves in front of my bedroom window and thought I was being a nice person by giving the birds and newly hatched baby birds a place to live. Apparently the mites killed all the birds by making them anemic, then they started coming into my house through the windows, the attic, and the gas an water pipes to find a new host. The suckers can travel pretty far and fast. They were in my walls and coming through the light switches, on my ceiling and coming through my ceiling fan. It was terrifying. They infested my draperies, bed, carpets, tissue box, walls, electronics etc. The good part is they were confined to the left part of the house upstairs and downstairs, but the bad part is they were biting me and my animals. I had already researched what they were and had looked at them under
    magnification, but still had an entomologist come out to
    confirm/diagnose the problem. They were positively identified as bird
    mites, but the extermination company the guy was an entomologist for
    wouldn’t exterminate for me. I called several pest control places and couldn’t get any of them to
    touch the situation. They said they were too hard to get rid of and
    they could not guarantee eradication. The first step to removing them was to get rid of the nest, so I called bird removal guys to remove the nest. They swarmed all over the side of my house when the nest was being removed and were all over the people removing it. The guys sprayed the entire area for me with home defense insecticide. I previously sprayed my windows and doorways in and out, and used natural insect killer around my light switches and ceiling fan, and I got bed bug killer to spray on my bed. They are extremely easy to kill, but the problem is there are a lot of them and they can get anywhere and everywhere. I also used 20 mule borax on the bed and carpet – please read notes about this below. I used revolution for the indoor cats, and the dogs had to get a topical
    flee/tick/mite treatment also even though they are on a flee/heart worm
    pill. I had to have a professional come in though since they were in my walls and attic and were completely infested in my draperies. Finally, after calling everyone imaginable (national companies and mom-pop exterminators). I found one guy who would help me. He dusted the attic, and exterminated the entire house in and out, but had to use fog in the infested areas of the house and to get all the pipes in the basement since they were coming in the gas and water lines from the outside of the house. The fogging was not the same as bug bombing. The fog was able to
    penetrate all the nooks and crannies and eradicated them from the couch
    and draperies. I did not have to have my house tented or anything, and
    he didn’t fog the entire house. I had to leave the house with all my
    animals for 4 hours then just air it out when I came home. I took all laundry to the laundry mat and used 20 mule borax when washing. I put my pillows in the drier on high heat. Between everything we pretty much eradicated them aside for a stray few, so he came back a week later and fogged again for me. The problem was solved.

    Please note that Boric Acid is very dangerous and should not be used at all. Contact with the skin or respiratory track can cause serious burns and or be fatal. I used 20 mule borax, which is a salt derived from the boric acid, or at least that is how I understand it. It can still be dangerous and you want to be careful since it can still cause harm, but it is not near as toxic as the acid. Using to much of it is still bad and the directions should be followed. I used to much and had to call poison control after it got into the air and I was having trouble breathing and it started caking in my mouth/sinuses – yes, I was a dumb ass. I was okay, I was more scared than hurt. My nerves were completely shot by that point. Poison control had a field day yelling at me for using an entire box in my bedroom. I was pretty much panicking that there were hardly visible bugs invading my bedroom, and at the time I still hadn’t found an exterminator willing to help me. Do not read the horror stories on the internet…I did and panicked. Don’t use a whole box of 20 mule borax LOL. I am not suggesting that you either use it or don’t use it, but if you do, use it sparingly/dust lightly, and turn off the ceiling fans before dusting. Make sure to vacuum it all up very very well. After the ordeal, I learned that I could have put a couple tablespoons of 20 mule borax inside my bag-less vacuum cleaner and just vacuumed the carpet very well instead The vacuum sucks up the critters very well and the borax salts kill the critters. Like I said, they die very easy, they are just invasive and reproduce quickly. Also, a dehumidifier can be used since they get their water through their skin and if there is not enough moisture in the air they can not live. They can also be suffocated with oils which is one reason why the natural insecticides and why tar soaps work. The cost for everything (exterminator, nest removal, personally bough products, and laundering) was about $700. It can be cheaper of course if you remove the nesting yourself, exterminate yourself, dust your attic yourself, and buy a fogging machine made by raid and fog yourself. Also as a side note – they can and will bite humans, but they cannot use a human as a host, so they can not reproduce from you. I spoke with 2 different vets however that said it is highly possible and probably that a dog or cat host would be a viable host for reproduction, as well as other birds and rodents. Apparently they are very adaptable. They are attracted to moisture since they get their water through their bodies, and are heat seeking to find a host so sources including human are fair game. They are most active at night. Also, they don’t live on humans. They can get on humans, bite and crawl, and it sucks to have tiny things crawling on your skin. If you are not comfortable using a wash cloth with soap and water which would be fine if you don’t have a lot of hair, then mix 50% vinegar or apple cider vinegar into your shampoo/body wash and bath with it. I would recommend a well ventilated area with a fan blowing on you when doing this because of the fumes, and be careful of the eyes since it will burn. Alcohol and bleach also kill them, but I would not suggest using them on the body and fumes from alcohol can be overwhelming and dangerous also. Tar soap or any other oil to suffocate them works also. I will never ever ever let birds live near my house again.

  • The Bug Doctor

    Wow Heather,
    Quite the ordeal & Thank you for your very detailed account. I do believe people who read this will be able to learn from what you went through. In fact, if this comment gets a little buried with others comments- I may just post it as an article (if you don’t mind) That way it’ll be there for others to see without having to dig.

    Also- & I don’t mean to pile on after you went through so much but I have two thoughts.
    #1– Please be an active referral source for your Exterminator who finally helped you…sounds like a real pro.

    #2 Unless Borax 20 Mule Team has changed it’s label–it is not a pesticide. Boric acid is. That said neither should be put out in the open (on beds,carpets,etc.) but in voids only as that is part of the directions for boric acid.

    Still- your ordeal and determined efforts to deal with it are commendable and hopefully others will have an advantage once they read about it.

  • Carr

    I have the same symptoms as others on this forum. My husband loves to feed the birds. We have bird feeders on the side of the house and the backyard. We would get 100′s of birds and squirrels daily feeding here. I think I may have gotten infected with mites and brought them into the house. Your article states that if you get rid of the nest then you get rid of the mites. Is this true in my situation? I took down the feeders and threw them away. I don’t know if there are mites in the trees or on the ground. Will these mites leave my house in time since the birds are gone? Thank you!

  • The Bug Doctor

    It’s hard to say-they could go just about any direction but bird mites do not use humans as a host and can’t live for an extended period of time without one–That said-they’ll still bite humans and they will get hungry so they will be looking. Why don’t you spray the area with simple soap and water–That’ll suffocate them quickly and you can also do your homes side and or any trees and bushes. I’d use a power washer set on the spa feature and that’ll work really well to give you great coverage quickly.

    Good luck


    Bug Doctor, we just found out we had them, so we bought bifen I/T and my husband sprayed the house, down, we are washing everything with the 20 mule team borax and read on another website that you should spray yourself with bleach and water in the shower then after you wash your hair put vinger in it. Tell me if this will help, also read on that website that you can spray Lysol on your furniture to kill them. a couple of days ago I used Hot shot ant and roach spray it worked for a day but they were right back we use a sticking rollar and have found them on our clothes and on us, only I have more than my husband. We really need help, but can not afford for a professional to do it. Will the bifen I/T help?

  • The Bug Doctor

    If you’ve had a professional ID them that’s great but if not–the possibility of it being something else is just as great. Get your ID before moving forward…a bug company with an entomologist (easy to find-they brag about it in their ad’s) Or send a sample to a local entomological dept of a local college.

    Please don’t spray yourself with bleach–nothing good can come out of it. Also-a vacuum can do far more than Lysol or Hot shot on furniture. Scrubbing with soap and water is a great recipe where you can and a general insect spray inside (where it belongs) helps. Bifen is good for outside and laundry for the clothes.

  • The Bug Doctor

    If the site you mention tells you to spray bleach in your hair then I’d throw away ALL of their advice. As I mentioned in your other comment–Get a positive ID first before you take such drastic steps.

  • Laurence

    I have an infestation of bird mites at the moment, I recently had a pair of wood pidgeons nesting outside my bedroom window.

    After the chicks hatched and the parents vacated the nest I started noticing these little insects crawling over my computer monitor and keyboard, but only in very small numbers very occasionally.

    Then, a few days later I woke up to find them everywhere. In my computer, on the walls and desk and even a few near my bed. I had no idea what they were until I googled it and put two and two together. Sure enough they were coming in through the window where the nest was located, and boy are there a lot of them.

    I have washed all my clothes and bedding on a high heat and have removed the nest (the sticks that is), but I have yet to spray the area with anything.

    I have evacuated the room and am sleeping in my guest room, I was bitten the other night but only in two places and it hardly caused a bump and no itchiness. I am itchy all over though but I’m pretty sure this is psychological.

    I have the pest controllers in tomorrow so hopefully they will be able to help but they said they couldn’t do anything about the nest outside, is it worth buying some pesticide and treating it myself or should the removal of the nest be enough?

    Also when I took my clothes downstairs to be washed a few managed to escape and were on my washing machine, is it possible for them to start a new colony there or am I safe just hoping they will starve?

    I can imagine worse things to be invaded by but they are still unpleasant and I hope they can get sorted fast

  • The Bug Doctor

    Vacuum as much as you can & if you can , wash down the nest site with soap and water. I’d also let your pest pros make a positive ID on them so you can be 100% sure of what you’re dealing with it. Once you know that and any more info they can give, you can make the decision to treat or not.

  • Laurence

    Just wanted to post a quick update.

    After phoning about 10 extermination companies (All of whom said they couldn’t help with mites and refused to give a good reason why) I got through to a chap who said he could help me, and that he got calls about the issue about 30 times in a year.

    He confirmed that they were bird mites, removed the nest and washed the area with pesticide and then fogged my room, as well as sprayed the window that they were coming through.

    Two hours later I went into the room to open the windows as instructed and could not find a single moving mite, not on the window or anywhere.

    The story was same this morning when I checked again and I am sitting in the room now and am happy to say I am completely mite free, and I have searched thoroughly, just had to vacuum up the dead ones.

    After reading all the horror stories on the internet I was sure I was in for a long battle with these things but all it took was two hours and £100 (One other company said it would cost £1000 if you can believe that) to have them completely removed.

    Words can’t describe my relief, and the people who make scaremongering sites such as birdmites dot org should be ashamed.

    Thanks for your advice Doctor and I wish good luck to anyone who has these little blighters enter their home, they aren’t the invincible nightmare fuel some people make them out to be.

  • The Bug Doctor

    Great to hear Lawrence,
    & great advice to the readers.

    Here’s to birdmite free living and professional techs everywhere!

  • jack

    i have 3 budgies had for about a week they have been like shredding feathers abit but recently i have noticed like white bits around there faces an stuff and sometimes there feathers around there beak are sticking out like further then there beak sometimes they groom its quite alot but not all the time they seem active they do nap sometimes help i cant like just get spray and spray them because they are not tame but i clean the cage proply its clean always got fresh water food grit please help

  • The Bug Doctor

    The first thing to do is ID the problem. It may be some sort of fungal problem or something else. I’d get them to a vet or even collect some samples of the small ‘white’ things and have an entomologist look at them. (you can usually find a entomology dept. at a local college that’ll be happy to do so) Once you have your ID, then you can take action.

  • jack

    ty took to vet they said it was just new feathers coming up nothing to worry about then gave me some calcium things for there water oh new sign upcouldnt use old name

  • The Bug Doctor

    Awesome–so glad to hear!!!
    Thank you for reading my blog…


    What is the solution you picked up at the farm store? I really need some. Thanks

  • nanamama

    i had 5 nests in my gutters that were full of mites that had infested my bdrm and other parts of my house..left untreated for a month as I thought it was fleas that i treated and by the time I realized what it was “I” had become infested as well : ( needless to say i had the house fumigated and a $1000 later it worked. now in the process of wiping, mopping, and laundry. won’t vacuum for another 2days but will wipe my walls down with a solution of water and bleach for peace of mine. cedarbugfree is a great spray as is itchybite lotion..I found on the web that dawn liquid dish soap diluted with water and sprayed or lathered and left on body will destroy the skeleton of the mite and they’ll die so did that for 2 days (even my head and hair) and last night I got 10hrs sleep after none the last few days…what a did work and I’m going to continue to do it for 2 more nights to make sure..
    good luck

  • kristen

    I just had a bird in my house for about 15 minutes, flapping around and crashing into things, before I finally got it out. I’m usually not the paranoid type, haha, but these mites sound GROSS! What are the odds there’s some in my house right now?

  • The Bug Doctor

    I’d hope you’re Ok… Normally the mites stay on the nest of a bird and feed at night..

  • The Bug Doctor

    Quite the ordeal–hope this is the end of it for you.

  • gina

    boyfriend just brought home a baby mockingbird.. had some sort of black critters on it.. sprayed raid in our apt. just in case… its in a box outside on the balcony.. waiting til tomorrow to call animal control…

  • Lguzik

    Hello, this is a great blog. Anyway, we had about three nests around our house. About six days ago my three year old son went out to ride his bike and he put on his helmet (these were both placed fairly close to one of the nests) and after riding around I noticed my son was itching himself a lot. As I looked at him closer I realized that what I thought was dirt was actually little bugs. I stripped him and washed him and myself immediately. I then washed our clothes, his bike helmet etc. I cleaned the house and called an exterminator. They took three days to get out here but finally removed the nests and said they sprayed the area. However, tonight I still saw some where the nests had been. I soaked the area in home defense and thought I would spray everything down with water and soap tomorrow morning. Do you think that will do the trick? Also we had scheduled BBQ with friends tomorrow afternoon. Do you think it’s still ok to have people over?

  • The Bug Doctor

    I’ve seen many a bird nest in empty helmets in garages etc…. I think I’d have to defer to your pest control company for such a question since I don’t know what they used….Hopefully, it’ll be ok.

  • Karen McDonald

    I think some types of people can be quite delicious to bird mites. My chickens had them, and I got absolutely bitten to shit.

  • Mary Jo

    I’m sorry I have to disagree. I’ve been diagnosed with bird mites which can easily enter the nasal passages and ear canals…and I can honestly say very bothersome to say the least. Check other sites as well you will read many health related problems caused by bird mites. Yes, the home usually is quite infested with bird mites for this to happen. I as well treated for other things centipedes, moths and spiders to know a few and the chemical treatment process used for exterminating by professionals will not get rid of the bird mites. There are very few professional exterminators that treat for bird mites so make sure your exterminator you choose can give you proof of being licensed to rid of bird mites. Good Luck to all who is experiencing in their home and or any discomfort, sleepless nights, bites and other symptoms caused by bird mite Infestation in and on humans as well. Professionally treating for fleas is not going to help one bit with treating for bird mites.

  • Jennifer Harris

    I have bird mites in my apartment and I also have 2 cats. The mites I see are usually clear but occasionally are black. Are they a health risk to my cats? There are unused pigeon nests below my balcony that the management refuses to clean up. If the pigeon (bird) mites are a health risk to my cats, what is safe to treat my cat with and is effective against the mites? The mites don’t seem to be bothering me but I think they’re bothering at least one of my cats. I’ve also seen them crawling around on my laptop and other electronics that are turned on. I don’t know how to get rid of these so they don’t follow me when I move out. Any help is much appreciated

  • The Bug Doctor

    The first step is a positive ID of exactly what you have. A university entomologist or local Agriculture dept. usually will do this for free. Bird mites are often mistook for springtails or other & treatments vary wildly. In any event–I’d push to have the nest removed and have the exerminator out to see if they have any ‘on sight’ suggestions.

  • Jennifer Harris

    Thank you for your feedback. An exterminator visited my apartment and made the diagnosis and treatment based on my description alone. He never even examined the nest. He treated the balcony and the frame of my balcony with I believe a pyrythroid (?) and advised me to treat my cats with Frontline because it contains the same type of chemical he sprayed.

    The property management’s goal is to deal with the pest issue (and the pigeon nesting issue) with as little money spent as possible. So thoroughness and accuracy isn’t one of their priorities. They’ve added removing the nests to the work order list but we’ll see if they actually follow through (they’ve said they would so many times but never followed through, kind of hard to believe anything they say).


  • The Bug Doctor

    Well–I hope the ball keeps rolling and you see the end of this quickly

  • Sarah

    I had birds nest in my roof, the nest was removed by experts and was sprayed and dusted for mites. However they couldn’t remove all the baby birds because they were to hard to catch and was told that the pesticide normally kills them or they will fly out of the small hole that the experts left for them. Am I still at risk of mites infesting my unit with the baby birds still in my roof

  • The Bug Doctor

    Hopefully the residual will be more than enough. In most cases you’d still be noticing the mites if treatment failed so if you are not–then it may be over for you. Yaaaay!

  • Sleepless in Seattle

    Hi “Bug Dr” but nothing you’ve said so far is true at all. I went to Paris over the summer in the early part of July and rented a flat there. After a few days there I noticed the itching and biting feeling all over my body. Then I started seeing the bites. I washed everything, my clothes, the bedding, the floors, everything! I ended up leaving Paris and stayed in Venice for a week. The place i stayed in Venice had a very nice air conditioning system which seemed to help a bit. I then went back to Paris and stayed another 3 days and was in absolute agony and hell. Long story short, I have been back in my home in Seattle since August and they are still not gone. My entire house is infested. I have tried any and all remedies online and nothing has helped. I talked to an exterminator and he said the same thing you did. Get rid of the nest and they’ll be gone and that they can’t live on humans. Well I’m here to tell you they can and do. I have no nests or birds of any sort near my home and I am insanely clean. I literally wash all my bedding, my towels and any clothes I wear each and every day. I shower twice a day. I’ve washed and vacuumed everything i own. The bugs live in my skin. I can not only see them but I can feel them. They burrow into your skin and lay the eggs and you can feel them hatch. When you scratch it feels like tiny microscopic sand all over your body. I also have black satin sheets which shows them really well and they are everywhere. I literally have scars all over my body now from the biting and the itching and from where I’ve had to dig them out of my body. Trust me this is not an easy fix. Nothing I have tried has worked, and yes, I sent them in to be identified and they are definitely bird mites. I haven’t slept more than 3 hrs a night since getting home from Europe because they are so bad. I am getting rid of my $3000 bed this weekend because I can no longer stand the constant torture of them. I also am afraid to have anyone in my house or even touch them because I am afraid of spreading them. I somehow brought them home from Europe with me and they’ve been here ever since. My daughter is now infected. They are by far the most horrific things I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve even become anemic because of all the constant biting and my dr has put me on iron pills. I challenge you to do a real controlled test and research before giving info on things you clearly have never dealt with yourself. Come stay with me for a few weeks and you will see I’m telling the truth. Or purposely infest yourself and your home and see how well “dawn dishwashing soap” works 6 months later and you are still miserable and desperate for anything to work. Sincerely, Sleepless in Seattle

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