Preventing Termites In Your Mobile Home Starts At The Foundation

termites using pier to tunnel up use to think mobile homes would never get attacked by subterranean termites. To me, there just didn’t seem to be enough wood since it seemed that it was mostly a metal shell and the steel frame on wheels. Well that was over 25 years and about 10,000 treatments ago and now it hardly seems like a week goes by without me dawning my suit and gloves, going under a mobile home and finding termites and their damage.

If there is one good thing about these houses and termites it is that in most cases, you can search the ‘under belly’ pretty thoroughly for evidence and treatments aren’t to difficult for those who have the tools. However, since most home owners I know rarely venture into this dark abyss it can sometimes be years before someone like me crawls up under the home and gives them the bad news about why the middle of their living room floor is sagging. Termites.

There is one product however that I’ve seen over the last 10 or so years that has really cut down on termites actually climbing up the piers where they can do their dirty work. In fact I’m not even sure it was designed with thwarting termites in mind but none the less, from what I’ve seen….. If you’re planning on putting a mobile or modular home (anything with a crawl space and piers) on your property, you’ll want to plan to have these as part of your foundation.

ABS Pier Pads

For years a mobile homes piers were erected on a cement block foundation. (or not-see pic at top) It’s hard to argue with the strength and stability they provide but for termites who found this contact point, it is a simple climb undisturbed and undetected to get to the sub flooring where major damage can occur. However, as of the last decade or so, installers have opted for the ABS pier pads which seem to have been more benefit then they realized. These seem to be equally strong and far more light weight and convenient. What they (in my opinion) didn’t count on was the added bonus that they dissuaded or discouraged termites and I find that homes with the ABS pads have far less successful attacks using the piers than those with just cement pads.

In this video I show you why I think this is so and give you a glimpse of what you’d see if you were to crawl under your mobile/modular home. Enjoy.

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