Possible phosphine poisoning kills 4 year old girl

A four year old girl in Salt lake City Utah has died by what is believed to be phosphine gas entering the home after an exterminator may have put the pellets used to administer the gas in the yard for rodents or burrowing pests. Her fifteen year sister is now in intensive care suffering from the same symptoms and as of this writing it is not clear how she is doing.

In pest control we are charged with the safe application of potentially harmful chemicals and products and although this is thankfully NOT a repetitious problem for our industry I would hope that it is one HUGE wake up call for all of us. Nothing can bring back this little girl and it my prayer that her sister will recover and my condolences and thoughts are with the family. I have included the video news footage of this story and you can read more in this link (as long as the news site keeps it up) as a stark reminder to those of us who practice pest control as a living. At times I’m sure we can get complacent and think things like this won’t happen and even in my own writings I explain how rare this is. But again, that won’t bring this little girl back to her family and how safe or how much training we under go hardly matters now.

May we all re-double our efforts to be as conscious as we can about what we are doing and the consequences of our decisions.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

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  • Bobby

    that’s very sad but it just shows you not to be complacent and be on guard at all times a lesson for all to learn, thanks for that……

  • Bobby

    I will tell you a true story that happened to me around 20yrs ago in Liverpool/England ive been servicing this asian newsagents for years and they always got rats coming in from the rear garage area so i used to bait the garage up to intercept the rats before they came into the shop, so unknown to me they bought this young german shepherd puppy that they kept in the flat upstairs, however being a puppy it was a bit hyper and would destroy the settee’s and chairs and whatever else it could find so the owner decided to rehouse it to the garage and sure enough it found the poisons ate them and died, well according to the owner this was one of the finest KC registered pups in the country that they paid a fortune for and they had great expectations at crufts in the future lol

  • It’s always worth more in those cases…amazing