Is Pesticidal Chalk A Good Idea?

I remember seeing a commercial quite some time ago about a great new product that killed bugs using crayons. Of course seeing it in action with the pretty blonde housewife smiling as she draws a protective barrier across her counter top is pretty convincing. The kids and the dog go running by and she flashes her pearly white teeth at the camera as the announcer tells you how to get TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE if you call right now. I don’t see those much anymore do you? I’m thinking they had issues.

The Concept Hasn’t Completely Disappeared

Well if you had your heart set on drawing away your bug problems have no fear. In our never ending quest to bring you all things pest control, we did find a writing apparatus that will dispense insecticide every time you feel like doodling on the kitchen counter. Insect chalk from Black Flag is as best I can tell, still available. At least their web site which lists all of their products still has the video for all to see. (attached below)

I’m not sure insecticide laced writing tools are a good idea and even the EPA warns against insect chalk from China which although illegal, it is easily found on the internet. Granted, Black Flags chalk dispenser doesn’t look like the Chinese chalk which is an exact replica of what we all used in school. No, Black Flags comes in a sort of ‘lip stick’ case which is kinda cool–yea, that won’t entice any kids will it?

Should It Be legal?

In pest control there is a mandate in most states that pesticides not be stored in any containers that were used for foods or medicines. Why?, because that opens up the possibility of a child or even an adult being harmed by the pesticide if they consumed or used it thinking it was a food or aid. Seems like a no brainer law but should there be a new law or amendment to this one to add make up, kids toys or objects kids use like chalk? God I hate new laws because they are so often redundant and just prove how stupid we are as a society but maybe in this case I’d make an exception. I mean what would be next, a squirt gun filled with pyrethrin?

I’m a huge advocate of new hi tech toys and creative thinking but something just doesn’t sit well with me with this type of insecticide delivery. I’m sure it’s on the radar of those in authority since other chalks have been banned but I’m not sure why this would still (apparently) be available. To be fair I’ve never heard of any poisoning accidental or otherwise with this product but I’m not sure it’s a real good idea to wait until we see a chalk outline of a tragedy to realize its time to act. What say you?

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Jerry Schappert is a certified pest control operator and Associate Certified Entomologist with over two and a half decades of experience from birds to termites and everything in between. He started as a route technician and worked his way up to commercial/national accounts representative. Always learning in his craft he is familiar with rural pest services and big city control techniques. Jerry has owned and operated a successful pest control company since 1993 in Ocala,Florida. While his knowledge and practical application has benefitted his community Jerry wanted to impart his wisdom on a broader scale to help many more. was born from that idea in 2007 and has been well received. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.

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  • Mel

    If its the same Chinese Chalk they were illegally selling a few years ago in a couple states it should definately should be outlawed.  I remember reading about one pesticide chalk which contained an organophosphate  2000 times the Epa’s 1960 allowable limit for that specific pesticide.

  • Exterminatorsrock

    water guns with pyrethrum??? that’s just nuts!!! but it sounds familiar….

    oh right, the BTE A& E board

    Super Soakers filled with Pyrethrin.

    Hey Billy, have you ever thought about taking super soakers and filling them with Pyrethrin?
    It would have twice as much power as a spray bottle and you could hit
    those bees and wasps from a safe distance. A very good thing for Ricky
    and Vexcon employees that are too scared to get close to wasps nests.

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    Re: Super Soakers filled with Pyrethrum.

    that would be SOOOOOO cool!!!!


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  • Mel

    To your original point, They should not sell pesticides a child or adult could mistake for another product for obvious reasons.

  • tyler

    That’s nuts! Kids wouldn’t be able to tell the difference of this stuff, too dangerous for me

  • Kills bugs in minutes, wow amazing. I agree with Tyler and Mel on the child safety issues. This is the reason why we shouldn’t!

    On a lawnmower:”Warning: When motor is running – the blade is turning!”Seen on the bottom of a Coca-Cola bottle:”Do not open here.”On a bottle of spray paint:”Do not spray in your face.”On a bottle of bathtub cleaner:“For best results, start with a clean bathtub before use.”On a can of powdered infant formula:”Mix with water before serving.”Found on a can of Woolite carpet cleaner:”Safe for carpets, too!”Warning on a curling iron:”Do Not Insert Curling Iron Into Any Bodily Orifice.”On a plastic orange juice can:”100% pure all-natural fresh-squeezed orange juice from concentrate.”On the label of a Sterno candle fuel:”Do not use near fire or flame.”Seen on a container of salt:”Warning: High in sodium.On a baby stroller:”Remove child before folding.”

  • Stuto1

    If there is an accidental poisoning they can use the chalk to outline the body. lol

  • And that way you can control the carpet beetles, flies and morgue gnats at the same time– It’s a win win. Why didn’t I think of this?

  • Oh my– I didn’t realize how dependent/ignorant we’ve become on the most common sense instructions…

  • Wow–so it’s already on the minds of people– holy cr@*p– 

  • Sounds like their drywall doesn’t it?  Why do we keep taking toxic goods from China?

  • Skyjbee

    I’m just trying to imagine a pest management company coming to my home with chalk in hand.

  • I’m sure it would be quality chalk…;)

  • Jadeperez709

    Back when I was a kid growing up in Texas, we used Chinese chalk all of the time. We would get a couple pieces for around .50 cents at flea markets. They told us they were completely safe for kids and pets, and man were they effective. Any bug that would wander into the line would die within seconds. We thought we had found the holy grail of insecticides. Until we learned they were illegal. Yikes. Since my mom thought they were totally safe, she would give us some and let us play with them. Encircling fire ants and watching them have no way out was how we passed the time… Anyways, we would show the chalk off to our friends, and to prove to them how safe it was, I would lick my finger, get chalk on it and put it back in my mouth… I had no idea this stuff was so dangerous. I used this stuff all the time and occasionally tasted it, but I don’t ever remember getting sivk or havong any problems. Guess I’m lucky to be alive!

  • China has a way of sending us a lot of things like that.

    Glad you’re Ok…

  • HandsOffMyUterus

    HELL YEAH it’s a good idea to use this. And YES it should be LEGAL. It’s no worse than any other commercial pesticides that are legal here. Except that wouldn’t set well with big corporate pesticide companies sleeping with the EPA. If the Chinese manufacturers of this stuff were banging the EPA as hard as U.S. corporate pesticide companies, they could have a legal share of the pie as well.

    CRAP. I’ve had friends who’ve used this stuff for YEARS. My church has used it and it’s never been a problem. IT WORKS. People are idiots, the EPA is sleeping with the pesticide companies to keep cheap products like this from being marketed here because they WORK and don’t cost an arm & leg like RAID & Black Flag products, all equally poisonous. I have no qualms with this product and neither does anyone I know who’s used it.

    Obviously, it hasn’t killed anyone yet so it can’t possibly be THAT *gasp* “deadly”. If people would just keep tabs on their damned kids instead of insisting that the government and everyone ELSE do it for them, there wouldn’t be any problem with anything. People who don’t know how to raise their own kids and expect “a village” or some garbage to do it for them shouldn’t HAVE the little critters to begin with. Just one more example of the pussification of the U.S….

    Chinese chalk is cheap and it works better than most Raid/Black Flag/etc. products, costs PENNIES vs. dollars, and isn’t any more dangerous than any other insecticide on the market. Just because it’s from China and people LOVE to bag on China just on account of it being China is another reason to want to pee on this product. If people are worried about their retarded offspring eating this stuff, then they should keep it locked up & away from them in the same place they keep the RAID and other bug killers. Problem solved. Other than that, it’s just big government trying to get rid of the competition. Buy some of this stuff–it works GREAT.

  • HandsOffMyUterus

    It’s NOT “so dangerous”, and you’re NOT that lucky to be alive. Unless you ate a whole friggin’ stick of this stuff, you’d probably STILL be fine. Everything here is SO exaggerated and overblown it’s disgusting.

  • And what Church do you attend?

  • Chris Sinclair

    Sorry to say but the stuff just works. Go to any Chinatown in N. America and ask for it and they’ll slip it from under the counter. Kills bed bugs as well. No sticky or smelly crap that goes away after 10 mins. These laws created by the same people who sprayed us with DDT in the 50’s and Agent Orange in the 60’s. Assume the government is lying unless proven to be correct.

  • Why are you sorry? No one said they didn’t work. I simply pose the question is it a good idea? With kids curiosity and propensity to chew or put everything in their mouth…… it’s an obvious answer.

  • Captain

    I am dying to find some kind of insecticide that “sticks” to my walls. I am currently dealing with a pantry moth infestation, and we’re using the pheromone sticky traps (and catching 50 at a time), but we’re still having larva crawling up the walls. All I want to do is draw a line across my wall and have that phase of their life cycle die too.

    I agree that an insecticide that can be mistaken for a harmless item is a bad idea. That said, the Black Flag applicator you mentioned seems like a good enough idea. I don’t understand why we can’t have a nice pyrethroid with a “drawing” applicator. I don’t want a spray that gets on everything.