Pestcemetery live cruise a HUGE success & 3 interviews you cannot afford to miss

On March 10th 2017 Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship The Majesty, set sail on what was an epic 3 day journey. With close to 40 pest professionals on board, this fun filled trip turned into so much more. Friendships were cemented, ideas and strategies freely went back and forth and the ‘family’ bond that we all share on the Facebook page were set for life, only now, face to face.

The idea of the cruise started as just that, a quick comment in a phone conversation months and months ago that once stated out loud refused to die. The thought of actually getting together and reproducing a setting (enjoyed on our FB page) where participants sat at the same table and regardless of company size, time in the industry or any other factor was just to great to not give it a try. Ask any of the pestcemetery cruisers and I’m sure you’ll get the same resounding answer. “I’m glad you (we) did it!” Please read on;

There are several reasons why this first ever pestcemetery live event was so successful. First of which were the attendees themselves. Those who at no small expense (it really wasn’t astronomical considering) took time away from work and eagerly jumped on board- did I say that? They came with ready minds to learn and fellowship with likeminded cemeterians and the spirit of camaraderie and sharing was at a fever’s pitch. All while enjoying the ship and the allure of the Caribbean.

Second, and just as important were those who were willing to work behind the scenes to make this thing go. Mr. Paul Bello was a driving force and despite his already busy work life, most happily and tirelessly was a non stop dynamo. Morgan Traylor from Target stepped up to the plate almost the minute he heard about the cruise. I believe his exact words were, “How can I help?” And of course, a real unsung help was Mr. Steve Jackson from Arthropodcasts. I had no more gotten my interviews done & sent to him and he was busily editing, making them presentable and then sharing so everyone could get a feel of what it was like to be on board.

The speakers!!! What a complete thrill it was for all of us to have a chance to sit in such an intimate setting and hear from some of the greatest minds in our industry. We’ve all watched Daniel D.Dye II masterfully post ID’s over the years and I think we can all agree, he’s one of the best. But to see him break it down and engage us live was a treat for us all, including Doc, who at 62 years in the business was furiously taking notes. Perhaps Daniel would be too modest to say but I’m not…;) Dr. Frishman’s direct quote concerning Daniel was,

“I like this guy, a self made man. He didn’t go to college for Entomology but he didn’t let that stop him.”

Then of of course was the Dynamo himself, Mr. Paul Bello. From the moment he took the podium (-ok- wasn’t so much a podium as he just sat on a tables edge and spoke to all of as if we were friends, equals if you will) the information just started flowing. The vast amount of experience and knowledge that we’re all accustomed to on FB was easily dwarfed in this live presentation. I’m not sure you can experience greater learning in any other way. A crowd favorite presentation was the ‘hodge podge’ of topics and the back and forth was priceless.No script, no set power point– just a “live” stream of consciousness which was Paul’s brain child from the beginning.

One of the BIGGEST thrills and what may be the last presentation of it’s kind from Dr. Austin Frishman. (He’s trying to retire but our industries not ready for that) Now, this may seem impossible, but whatever you think about this 62 year legend of the industry you may want to bump that up a notch, especially if you are ever treated to hearing him speak ‘live.’ Here was a man who has blazed so many trails in our profession, created protocols, devised methods, instrumental in bringing innovative products to life and pioneered a philosophy of sound, sustainable thinking that will last for generations to come, here was this man, more than eager to share all of this with us. Truly an incredible experience not only in the seminar setting but also just up on deck lounging around the pool.

The following 3 interviews were all done on the ship and quite honestly, I’m amazed at how easy it was to do considering I’ve never interviewed anyone before and the heavy hitters involved. (Thanks Bryan) Please enjoy them as I have and feel free to share.

What happens when a legend sits down with an icon? Find out when Jerry Schappert interviews arguably the brightest mind the pest control industry has ever seen. Dr. Austin Frishman

As promised, here’s another epic interview from Pest Cemetery Live 2017. For this episode, Jerry interviews the one and only Paul Bello!

For the final installment of Pest Cemetery Live 2017, Jerry sits down with the highly respected Daniel D. Dye II of Florida Pest Control.

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