Pest tubes service caught on tape

The ‘tubes in the wall’ pest service is still one of the most asked about topics on Ask The Bug Doctor so I thought I’d take a moment today and record just how it’s done. We treated about 15 homes this way today and most customers really don’t understand much about it. It’s just something that was built into their house and some didn’t even realize it for several years. Others requested the systems because they did not want sprays inside the home every month but know that pest control is still a needed service. It is a great way to provide an in the wall treatment without ever stepping inside the home not only for this purpose but also the convenience.

I have several other articles that detail more about the tubes systems for pest control and the tubes in the slab for termites so rather than go through all that I’ll just link them here and you can learn all about this mysterious service that no one else will tell you about.
Tubes in the slab video=termites, Tubes in the slab=termites 3 misconceptions about tubes=pest, Tubes conspiracy=pest, Tubes in the wall=pest

The first clip is a successful tube shoot while the second illustrates a stubborn tube which we often run in to and what to do about. I’d love to know if your area has tubes in the wall, I know there are other places like Texas and California but does this clandestine system exist where you’re at. Leave me a note below and let us know if you have them. Thanks and enjoy the videos.

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  • DieNaMite

    was wondering where do you get the equipment? I have several in my area and would love to treat them.

  • StoPestering

    Does this equipment work on most or all in wall systems? (Such as TAEXX system) About how much does the equipment cost?

  • Over $500 and that’s without the C02 tank or chemical and not taking into account delivery….& yes it works on each system out there.