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Ours is a big family. Thousands of members, brethren if you will, that have come together for the common cause of good. Good to our industry, good to the public we serve and good to each and every company and the individuals who earn their living in the service of pest control. When one is hurting we all hurt and with each victory I’d like to think we all celebrate with that one. It’s one of the main reasons I started my blog many years ago and perhaps still, the main reason I am still writing to this day. There is little voice out there for the small firms, few places where a mom & pop or small one man operator can get real world help. I’d like to think of pestcemetery.com as one of those places.

There is strength in numbers, there is wisdom and hope. 

The following is a small post I wrote in my Facebook group also called pestcemetery which is a closed group of around 2000 pest control professionals from literally around the world. I had no idea when typing away on my phone, (I was multitasking while watching House of Cards) that my words to a fellow member would spark such interest and/or inspire so many. Neither was I prepared for the MANY great comments and tid bits of wisdom and insight that this would generate.

I simply noticed a fellow member, a brother in the industry that is (hopefully by now WAS & it’s now passed) in such a low place. So low that he was seriously contemplating leaving 29 years of pest control experience and ownership behind. I won’t list all the troubles he faced, it wouldn’t matter anyway. We’ve all, dare I say faced similar and for some whose comments were on this thread, were even more dire, more pressure filled.

If you’d like to see the entire thread and comments or become part of this growing online community I invite you to look me up. The learning never stops and the ‘instant’ help that is offered is unmatched in my opinion. Here, in it’s entirety is my post to a friend in need.  Continue reading

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Win the War Against Rodents:

antman http://pestcemetery.com/Rodent season is here and mice are looking for a warm place to seek shelter.  These pests carry many diseases and can harm your family and damage your home.  Diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus can be transmitted to humans.  Mice are known to sometimes bring a few “hitchhikers” into our home.  Fleas, mites, and ticks are always looking for a free ride provided by rodents.  Take a few moments to perform this quick check-up to rodent proof your home to avoid the circus of possible problems.

Remember This During Inspection:
Rodents need three elements for survival;  Shelter, a food source, and water.  Some mice will only need the diameter of a penny to sneak their way into our home.   Continue reading

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How Green Is My Pest Control

definition |ˌdefəˈniSHən|noun

1 a statement of the exact meaning of a word, esp. in a dictionary.• an exact statement or description of the nature, scope, or meaning of something: our definition of what constitutes poetrythe action or process of defining something.

Recently I’ve been noticing a few things about my service that I guess I’ve taken for granted over the years. I don’t think I’m doing it the way everyone is talking about. I see the man with the caulking gun and pruning sheers on Tv commercials who apparently never steps inside your door, the company that advertises a 58 point pest inspection…wth? The endless ads for all natural or green pest products that are constantly in my e-mail box, magazines or good old news feed whenever I pop online. I guess I’m not the only one because of the many conversations I see online in forums and chat rooms with all the different ideas of how pest control is best applied (or not applied) and the many many eco friendly products they use and claim to be the best. To be honest, so many of these products I have never even heard of let alone tried. I’ve been pretty happy with my ‘traditional’ choices and kept with most of them for quite some time.  Continue reading

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DDT Did You Know

ddt http://pestcemetery.com/The following excerpts are presented to you from credible sources (cited below) and set in order to briefly tell the DDT story. I have set them this way because it would take the average reader several hours to glean all the different websites to gain this prospective. It did for me anyway.

Perhaps some of this information is new to you, perhaps you had no idea of the scope and magnitude of a simple observation and how many lives it would save- how many it ‘could’ve saved’ except for another set of observations.

The story of DDT and its demise should be something we should learn from, however, I don’t believe we have and I doubt if we ever truly will. Continue reading

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Issues With Rodent Control Safety:

http://pestcemetery.com/Do you remember where you were during the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster?  It was a National tragedy and loss that affected all who remember that day. When you think of all the countless hours that went into preparations and how hundreds of technicians and scientists went over the vehicles every square inch- it just seems impossible something like that ever would happen. Nothing was left to chance and even a wayward bird or cloud could have scrubbed the mission. Everything was checked and rechecked again and with all systems go, the most heart wrenching event occurred just 73 seconds after take off. There wasn’t anything they could try again, there was nothing they could take back and no second chances. I have another reason for this day being etched into my mind and while I don’t pretend to compare the two in magnitude. I do contend that equally tragic accidents can happen if we don’t learn some lessons along our way.

Continue reading

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Rodent Control

bad trap placement http://pestcemetery.com/To kill a bug one needs only to apply his or her learning on the specific pests habits and that’s half the game. Insects don’t ‘think’ per se but rather react to stimuli or needs and bada bing, one dead bug. What if you threw a brain into that insect which could analyze, think critically and make decisions even despite some temptation or stimulus?

Such is the case for rodents and while I have over simplified it a bit I hope you get my point. It’s because of this ability of rats and mice to think along with their built in reactions that there are some pretty important Do’s and Don’ts. Continue reading

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The Top 28 Biting & Stinging Insects In The United States

In today’s post we have provided an infographic that includes the top 28 biting and stinging insects. Now mind you, these aren’t the only biting insects in the USA. However, these are the top ones known online, according to much research and reports provided by universities.

We have other resources also based on complaints posted online by individuals that was bitten by these insects. These post helped us, along with personal experience, decide what bugs made the list and those that wouldn’t. Continue reading

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The Shrill of Defeat, The Saga Continues

Although I didn’t get off to a great start instilling any real confidence in the man of the house, the fact that the mouse was gone & the screaming had for now stopped, gave me just enough wiggle room with his wife that she, through her red and tear soaked eyes gave me the go ahead to do whatever it took to rid her of the furry demons that haunted her home. Not yet aware of the entire situation I looked the husband square in the eyes, extended my hand and as we shook I boldly proclaimed, “I am your man. I’ll get rid of your problem!” Whether with unbelief or desperation I couldn’t really say- but his words to me were as I look back very prophetic and should’ve been a warning of what I was in for….Sadly, my youth and inexperience did not let me see.

“ Son, I’m an old man and fought in WWII and have had plenty of harrowing experiences. But this non stop terror and screaming that has infested my home is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. My bones are rattled & I’m just about ready to surrender. You really don’t have any idea what you’re in for–I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed.” Continue reading

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The Thrill in Victory & the Shrill & Agony of Defeat

A beautiful fall day in Baltimore that in my mind couldn’t get any better. Not quite a chill in the air but gone was the sweltering summer heat that my bug trucks ‘360’ air couldn’t relieve even with both windows down. With just about a year under my belt as an exterminator I really felt I was hitting my stride and enjoying every new day and amazing situation I encountered. By now I had conquered many huge bee and wasps nests, tackled roach and rodent infestations that would be the main scene in any horror movie and dealt with so many different people & from all walks of life. My route that was handed to me as a huge disastrous mess was now, finally, running like a finely tuned machine. I was at a point where I had so much confidence in my job & truly felt there wasn’t any problem I couldn’t handle. Continue reading

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So Education Is The Key?

So as I’m pulling up at 9:02 for my 9 o’clock ‘retreat’ appointment, I see my client outside waiting for me looking all jittery and hunched over, staring straight down as he paces back and forth in the driveway smoking a cigarette. He see’s me, straightens up, tosses his smoke to the ground and crushes it into the dirt with his shoe. I can’t tell if he’s happy to see me or he’s ready for an all out brawl. Guess I’ll find out.

They say that education is the KEY to a successful route. It’s the KEY to promoting IPM, the KEY to better techs, the KEY to fewer call backs, the KEY public awareness and the KEY to the pest control industries future. I’m sorry, it is not.

Scoff if you will, call me a spray jockey who’s behind the times, revoke my license and take away my ACE sticker and patch. It won’t change the truth. If education is the KEY, I contend we must be at the wrong house. Continue reading

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Bug Trucks & Weed Whackers Just My .02

Waiting for the light to turn green at a busy intersection can be a place of great learning. It’s a brief pause and insight into the world that otherwise is passing by in all different directions and at all different speeds. You see these people and sorted vehicles who also begin to stack up at the light. Those across the intersection, the car behind you, the ones in the turn lanes and even those who’ve pulled into the corner convenience store for gas and some smokes. As you sit, the numbers increase. One by one they fill up the spaces around you and you can’t help but look around and notice the spectacle.

But there’s one vehicle I’m seeing more and more everyday and it’s truly very disappointing to me. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for its driver and maybe even a little more for the people whose driveway he’ll pull into later that day. Truth be told, and this is my opinion, I also feel that our industry too, takes a hit with this type of activity and there’s something about it that just seems so wrong. Continue reading

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Larry wise http://pestcemetery.com/I’m beginning to hate IPM

Sometimes the phrase “IPM” which is commonly thrown around in modern pest control lingo makes me sick. I’m tired of hearing companies advertise “we use IPM, integrated pest management”. Even the certifications that companies brag about receiving for using “green methods” have become irritating. Some people work hard for that patch and are well deserving of receiving some type of certification, but too many times, it’s a companywide deal and everyone has to go through the chore of gaining certain certifications. I’ve even heard of branch managers filling out all the paperwork and submitting the required information to the certification provider. Why would I want to participate? Continue reading

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Five Celebrities That Would Make Terrible Exterminators

rhondarousey http://pestcemetery.com/Question: Which celebrity do you think would make a terrible exterminator?

Last year, I visited the topic. You can find the original post here.

I have no idea why, but for some explainable reason, I felt the need to revisit the topic. This time, however, I’ve decided to include females.  

Let’s skip the formalities and jump right into the list: Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Myself

open letter http://pestcemetery.com/ox·y·mo·ron



1. a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g.,faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).

I’m writing this article with a supreme confidence. However,  I don’t mind saying the words come with some trepidation as well. Thus I thought it necessary to put the definition of the word oxymoron….. I’m just hoping the “moron” portion of the word is what you DON’T think of me by the time you’re done reading this.

On the one hand, I have many followers and exposing a vulnerable side is not what a true leader makes a habit of. But I also understand a true leader seldom swims with the stream and a true follower is just a leader in waiting.

Just how do you tell 1400 raving Facebook followers, over 1000 Twitterites, 80,000 plus monthly blog reader and all the readers from the largest state industry association magazine in the country that hey, you’re maybe not all you’re cracked up to be…….that you’re human and that on many, many restless nights you too, worry, over the future and just how you’re gonna muster the strength to face another day? 

Perhaps for some the “moron” part is starting to sound like it fits right about now, or maybe you’ve inserted your own word….braggadocios.   I understand.

Recently I’ve had a few direction changing events happen in my life that have helped me tremendously. Sharing them here I can only hope they either help or nudge someone into a better direction, as they did for me.  It is with a profound humility that I offer this article and with a heart full of gratitude I write these words. So if you’re interested….please read on. Continue reading

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Creepy Critter Ambassador


Me in preschool I am the forth one from the left in the striped shirt with an insect in my pocket no doubt.

Me in preschool I am the forth one from the left in the striped shirt with an insect in my pocket no doubt.

Last year a friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of a group of us back in preschool. When the comments were being posted about who was who someone said “ There is Christy in the red striped shirt with an insect in her pocket, no doubt.”  Even at fours years old I was already known for playing with bugs and I do not remember a time that I did not have a Bug Zoo in my bedroom.  I know I drove my Mom crazy dirtying up her jars and the chasing the many escapees that wandered around the house.

Fast forward a few years (OK maybe a few decades and Bachelors in Entomology later), I read in my local paper about an insect group meeting that weekend at the Oakland Nature Preserve (ONP), which is just a couple of miles away from my home in Winter Garden Florida.  I was so excited to meet and hang out with fellow insect geeks as for many years I had felt alone.  At my first meeting I meet a fellow Entomologist Christian Miller whom was the gentleman running the group. Continue reading

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