Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental roach is also known as the waterbug partly because it is most often associated with damp and moist places. This bug is one of the larger peridomestic roaches and is most often found in lower lying areas of the home such as basements or crawl spaces. Homes with high humidity, chronic leaks, sump pumps, thick vegetation or leaf debris around the exterior are most prone.

Often times the Oriental roach is under estimated as serious pest but it can present a real challenge and be very persistent. This scavenger feeds on just about any kind of filth and is especially fond of garbage and scraps. Food contamination is always of concern as this roach passes germs or pathogens it picks picks up in its unsanitary conditions and then comes in contact with food or food contacting surfaces.

Oriental roaches can go for about month without eating but only 2 weeks without water. Not as prolific as other roaches the Oriental female produces about 200 offspring and once becoming an adult, may live from 5 to 26 weeks. Capsules, called oothecas are carried by the female for a short time and then dropped in a secure place and near a food supply. These ootheca contain an average of 16 eggs which take about 60 days to hatch on average. Nymphs, molt 7 to 10 times and the time between birth and a mature roach can take 24 to 130 weeks. The cycle of this roach is somewhat centered around seasons and peak activity is late spring and summer which is not the case with other home infesting roaches.

How They Travel

This roach is seldom found in walls, does not fly and is somewhat slow and clumsy. This roach can be transported in bulk truck loads of dirt or mulch. Warehouses that have this roach present will often ship goods in boxes where this roach has crawled inside to hide or in search for food.

How Best To Identify Oriental Roaches

The oriental roach is about an inch in length, very dark brown to black in color and shiny in appearance. Females are larger


than males and have wing pads but no wings. Males have wings that cover about 2/3’s of their abdomen. This roach is ‘thick’ and heavy as roaches go. When crushed the roach emits a putrid odor.

Treatment And Elimination

Addressing any moisture problems is the first step in this roaches control. Removing leaf debris, vegetation, turning and/or reducing mulch to keep the area dry will aid greatly. Garbage cans should be in good repair and eliminating spilled scraps, elevating exterior pet dishes will help reduce this roach.

Chemical treatment can work very well but keep in mind your products will be placed in areas of moisture so re-treatment may be needed. Baits such as Niban FG are excellent for this roach and can be used around sump pumps, under sinks, under book cases, in a/c and utility areas and other places indoors. Outside you can simply sprinkle the bait around the home on the grassy or landscaped areas and the roach will find it. To speed things up put some under splash blocks of gutters, under planters etc. and a bit heavier in mulch or leaf debris. This bait is somewhat water proof and readily accepted by the roach but if you can keep it drier it will last longer. Remember; Pets like it too so be sure to put it in areas where your animals and children cannot reach. Please read the label.

Female with ootheca (egg case)

Liquid sprays can be of help and should be sprayed around known areas of activity. Dusts such as Delta dust work very well under heavy objects or behind book cases or other hiding spots nearest to a moisture situation. These areas could mean; under washer and drier, under and behind floor shelving in garage or utility rooms. The key is to treat around areas of moisture as this most often where your Oriental roach will be.

About The Bug Doctor

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