Nontoxic Pest Control for Your Home

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Even with the most thorough prevention measures, pest intruders can still make themselves comfortable in your home. This Article discusses preventative pest control measures and natural and organic pest control products to get rid of bugs in your home.

Natural and organic pest control Products


What Pheromones are essentially is the insect hormones that can be used in traps as bait. The female insect emits a scent that can bepheromone sign used to lure males into a trap to get caught in sticky glue boards. The key is that you will need to know what type of insects you’re trying to get rid of because insects are only attracted to pheromones of its own kind.

Natural Control:

Natural controls are more or less been used by agriculture for some time now. This however can be adapted for home use as well. Essentially they use desirable organisms to eliminate undesirable organisms. For example, by planting certain plants around your home, you can deter certain pests around your home. (Garlic plants can deter Japanese Beetles and Spearmint deters ants) For those indoor pests, spiders eats fruit flies and house flies, so you may want to think twice before removing those webs.


Traps come in many shapes and sizes which all serve some type of purpose to remove specific types of pest. They can range from sticky traps, fly paper, bug zappers and even snap traps for rats, gophers or moles. These can be picked up at your local Hardware store.

Preventative Pest Control Measures


caulk mug pestcemetery.comCaulking cracks throughout your home, you can reduce the places for insects to hide and nest. Concentrate on bathrooms and kitchens, specifically around doors and windows.


Cleanliness is the most effective pest control method there is. By keeping your home clean the pest will be less attracted to the smells of food. Vacuum regularly and remember that just because you cannot see crumbs or dirt doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Try to clean inside pantries, cabinets, and under and around the fridge and stove at least once a year if not more.


Screens are sometime the most obvious deterrent but often over looked. They are a cheap way to keep out insects and rodents out of your house. So place them in crawlspaces and around your doors and windows.
Following all these methods discussed in this article still will not guarantee a pest free environment but will go a long way to stopping problems. Please be cautious of bugs on packages and suitcases brought into your home. Especially the dreaded BED BUG!!

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