• http://www.xopest.co.uk Barry Simpson

    Conversely. Its been rare that I haven’t kicked up a ‘stink’ when dealing with mice.
    Probably comes down to location location location…..If I use poison, two weeks later the place is gonna smell bad for sure. Of course I’ve pulled out the odd ‘lollipop’ stick of a dried up crispy fur ball, but these have gone way beyond the decomposition stage and I guess I wasn’t there for that. Oh yeah, I was clearing a false ceiling space the other day and hadn’t notice the thumb of my glove had come off. You guessed, thumb went right into the belly of a ‘peak’ decomposing mouse! Took six washes to get rid of the smell and six days to get it out of my nose……………………….

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    Ohhhhhhhhh, that image is gonna stick in my head awhile. Thx, ;)

    I’m actually surprised by the response I got with this article-mainly on Facebook- I hardly ever find ‘stinky’ mice and I find many in all states of degradation but most pros that have chimed in say just the opposite. Not sure what to make of it really. Maybe I should check myself into a nose clinic and get my schnoz checked out. lol

    Thanks for reading
    The Bug Doctor

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  • Tina

    I’ve had several rodent problems over the years, I live in Scotland in a ground floor flat, no basement. The first sign was about 6years ago. Kept hearing noisy critters in my kitchen but no droppings of any sort. Eventually one morning I walked into my kitchen and about half a loaf of bread had been eaten, crumbs everywhere. I called pest control the guy said must be rats to eat such a huge amount but no droppings. After several weeks of poison being ignored they started eating it. I can’t say I noticed a smell but there were lots of flies in my hall. Fast forward a few years. Lots of noise in walls around bedroom and actually see rat in kitchen. Pest control say mice. I said rats. Still no droppings! I was at the end of my tether, I’m not scared of rodents, we had pets growing up but I know the damage and disease are factors. My friend got her husband who used to work pest control to put down rat traps. Checked next day. Massive rat. He put poison in crawlspace under the floor and in the kitchen. It was getting eaten big time. Managed to find where they were getting into my kitchen and he blocked it off. I live in social housing, my landlord should have done it and more, but they did very little and it was an ongoing problem for about a year that time. That was last summer and the stench of dead rat decaying for a couple of months is something I will never forget. I’m completely paranoid everytime I hear a noise in the walls now. There’s been more noise lately, louder noises and the poison I kept under my kitchen cabinet had been tucked into within the last month. There’s still some under the floor but the scatterings had gone mouldy so I don’t want to look in case I disturb mould spores. It’s crazy that I’m hoping it’s mice this time but it’s always been rats and honestly, my kitchen is clean. Reading that mice can do just as much damage as rats is disturbing and I’m just starting to despair again

  • http://pestcemetery.com The Bug Doctor

    Some structures are prone more than others- Look at the link to the right of the screen. Fresh cab is an all natural mice repellant…smells good too. If it is mice, this could keep them out.. Also, I’m not sure what some of your ordinances are but bait stations on the ‘exterior’ may help quite a bit. There are some made now that can be anchored and are tamper resistant.. Might stop the rats before they get in.

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