Kiss your spider fears goodbye

Spiders are perhaps one of the most feared creatures on earth. Stories of arachnids abound and the fantastic tales grow each time they are told. From the spider who lived in a woman’s hair for years to the lore of the blood thirsty arachnid actually stalking people whom they would kill and wrap up in huge tombs of web. In reality spiders are almost a non factor when it comes to human activity. Sure you may see them frequently on a orb up by the gutter or have one scamper across the kitchen floor from time to time but the mere fact that there are untold numbers and varieties of this beneficial creature living amongst us and so few encounters ever end up with a problem is fact enough that this loathsome being is nothing to be unduly feared.

The truth of the matter is that a very small percentage of spiders could even be a a problem if they wanted to. Many spiders aren’t even powerful enough to penetrate the human skin nor is the vast majorities venom any harm to us if they even dared get close enough in the first place. Then for those that are, a good number can’t bite through clothing so again the odds of a horrific spider confrontation is really just based in our fears built on years of misunderstandings and wrong information.There are no spiders that seek out humans or larger mammals for food even though some may bear ominous sounding names and look the part of a viscous killer. Wolf spiders or aggressive hobo spider are monikers that give the false impression of  a relentless harmful beast but in reality these two are nothing of the sort. While it is true that some spiders defend themselves when confronted, bite when disturbed and take on posturing that looks ferocious, most if not all spiders would prefer to leave you well enough alone rather than face such a huge and dangerous foe.

Now, while spiders are generally harmless, they can bite especially when they think they are threatened or accidentally handled so I don’t recommend anyone take this article wrong and get foolish with them. I’m merely pointing out that spiders are a valuable cog in our world and you shouldn’t let hearsay or anecdotal stories be your one and only guide. Spiders are found throughout the world from the tallest
mountains to the lowest valleys. They hunt everything from fish to other spiders and can survive even in the most extreme environments so it should be no surprise that we’ll all come face to face with spiders from time to time. The worst thing for most folks is they are very common in our homes and if not for that I believe many more people would come to appreciate them. And since spiders feed on insects of all sorts which is another of mankind’s greatest fears you might take heart that the wolf spider you see hanging out on your ceiling means you have many less earwigs or roaches running about. Maybe for some this isn’t much of a trade but I’ll take a spider in my house over a roach any day.

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Information is a powerful thing and I hope together we can put to rest any undue arachnophobia’s.

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