How To Avoid Paper Wasp Stings- No Fooling

I see about 15 to 20 paper wasps nests per day and it is part of my service to make sure they are treated and taken care before I leave my accounts. Now I could use wasp freeze to instantly zap them but at about $17.00 a can and just the time it takes to run back to the truck to grab it, I’d rather just hit them as I go.

Paper wasps for the most part are not a big threat of swarming you but if you do it wrong or get to close you can get stung a few times and it hurts. If you’re allergic or at all unsure you should just leave them alone and let a pro handle it. There are however a couple ways to go about treating these nests with just your regular sprayer without getting stung.

The first technique is one I use the most due mainly to the nests location. Fan spraying these wasps with your insecticide with light pressure hardly ever stirs them up. Using a jet or pin stream sends em flying and likely in your direction. Take a look at my article on how this is done here and see the reason I got stung by surprise and how you can avoid my mistake.

Another great way is simply to use the window screen to be your shield. So many times paper wasps build their nests at the top of windows or eaves of back screen porches and lanais. Whenever I see this situation I take advantage and blast these little stingers from the inside and spray through the screen and don’t have to worry a bit about any angry wasp storming my face. I teach technicians this little trick all the time and while it would seem to be so obvious I get the same ah ha look every-time. This fool proof method works 100% without fail but in life and pest control there is always the unpredictable so don’t get to cocky and careless. Maybe by the looks of this guy being so foot loose and fancy free I should have a talk with him, pest control shouldn’t be this fun.

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