Gnat Trap Gnat Trap Gnat Trap

It’s literally harder to say gnat trap 3 times fast than it is to make one. So if you have pesky little gnats let’s give you a weapon to fight back. This trap also works for fruit flies as well so let’s get going.

For our example we’re going to use a large empty plastic soda bottle but you could get creative and use just about anything. As long as your trap lures the gnat in and makes it next to impossible for them to get out you’re in business.

Step one

With a sharp knife or razor you need to cut the top 1/3 of the bottle off. Be careful and I don’t recommend any children to do this. The cuts are never perfect so don’t worry to much about that and go slow because the plastic gets flimsy and you could cut yourself.

Step two

Turn the bottle top upside down and insert it into the bottom. It should fit snugly and if there is any gap at all wrap tape around the seam.

Step three

Choose your attractant. Gnats and fruit flies are attracted to a number of things so there is really no wrong substance to choose. Sugar water, red wine, apple cider, vinegar, orange juice, beer or even a ripening banana. Simply pour about a cup full in and set it near the area you see them most. Note: If you use a banana you’ll want to put it in before you tape the two halves together. When using the liquid try putting a couple drops of liquid soap in the mix as this will help drown the gnats and be prepared to change the contents every couple of days.

The overall concept

The trap works because the gnats fly into the wide mouth entry with ease but once inside rarely find the small exit which should be in thegnat trap with banana center of the bottom half that holds the liquid. They will spend all day searching up and down the sides of the bottle but never find their way out. Adding soap breaks the tension of the liquid and the sink if the land or walk on the liquid. The aroma of the trap will draw gnats from nearby but you may need to make more than one trap if you have gnats throughout the house. Make sure you identify (as best you can) that they are indeed gnats that are bothering you since this won’t help so much for large flies or other flying pests. For further descriptions and information check out our flies and gnats article. Like I said you can make this trap using other materials just as long as they are funneled in and can’t escape. Plastic wrap over a wide mouth jar with tiny holes in the wrap works pretty well or a funnel poked through the top of a coffee can would be fine too.

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered with gnats or making your own traps you can always purchase ready made traps and just set them out as needed. I’ve linked to a trap and lure that are labeled for fruit flies but will work just fine for gnats as well. Either way gnats don’t need to be driving you crazy and this is a great way to get them out of your face. Besides you have more important things to do like trying to complete your tongue twister. Gnat trap, gnat trap, gnat trap.

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