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The Termite Pretreat Post Test

by The Bug Doctor on March 23, 2011

The job specs are:
8500 square feet of ‘pretreat area’
Chemical chosen is Lesco Cross Chex (label info is in the pics or at this link and it’s on page 7)
The jugs I’m buying are 3/4 gallon and correct answers round up
Monolithic slab
Exterior linear feet is 368 which is considered ‘final grade or vertical treatment’

For .06% how many ounces of termite concentrate will you need for just the pretreat?

If you use 1/2 of the max amount of water for the pretreat, how many gallons will you need?

What's the minimum water you will you need for the final grade?

How many ounces of concentrate will you use on the final grade?

How many jugs will you need to buy for the pretreat?

How many jugs will you buy for the final grade with just one foot of depth?

If a jug costs $40.00, how much will you spend on the pretreat?

How much will the total cost of the chemical be for the whole job?

If you set your rig for 2 gallons per minute & used 1 gallon per 10 sq.ft. How long would the job take? (don't round this time)

I have a 200 gallon rig, how many times am I gonna need to refill for the pretreat? (I'm sick of rounding)

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