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Subterranean Termite Test

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by The Bug Doctor on February 19, 2011

Let’s see how much trivia you know about the eastern subterranean termite. You can get some help from these links if you need. Severe Termite Damage-How Fast Do Termites Eat Wood? Where Did The termites Go? Or these two great resources. E How About Termites by Cayden Connor and Dr Don’s Termite Terminology and Help with all aspects of termites.

Good Luck!

Termites forage in the top 3 to 4 inches of the soil.

Trophylaxis is?

What termites in the colony have eyes?

Besides wood, what other thing are termites #1 at destroying?

What # of termites is generally considered a mature colony?

Termites do this to alert the workers of danger.

Termites can't digest wood.

What type of metamorphosis do termites go through to grow?

Termites are known to eat through above ground pool liners.

How long would it take a mature colony of Eastern Sub Termites to completely eat a 2300 sq. ft. frame home?

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Cliff Culp February 19, 2011 at 11:41 am

My, My, My… A person can always learn something…:)


Keith February 19, 2011 at 12:12 pm

9 is not bad – I’ll have to keep my eye on my money, all I usually have is change anyway


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