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by The Bug Doctor on August 3, 2011

Fleas would win a gold medal for jumping at the Insect Olympics. How high can they jump?

The fastest running insect is a(n):

The most dangerous insect kills a million people a year. What is it?

It would take approximately ______________ mosquito bites to drain the blood from an adult.

Little brown bats are one the most common bats in the U.S. and Canada. How long do they live?

Which of the following statements about bats is TRUE?

About how many sweat glands do you have in your skin?

Which were once eaten as a means of treating tooth aches?

What does a lepidopterist study?

An unusual early use for Methyl bromide was for...?

What is a pullicologist?

The Colonies of The European red ant gather as much as

Which rat brought the Bubonic plague which killed 1/3 of the population?

What year was the first Pest Control company founded in America?

Where was the first Pest Control company founded?

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