Finishing A Garage Can Give You Bugs In The Wall

Finishing a garage can be a great way to add living space to your home. This space can be a bedroom for the kids, Dad’s new den or a brand new home for a host of bugs complete with all the amenities. Putting up nice new walls where the garage door used to be and carpets on the floor may make the new space look like a room but inside it’s still a garage with garage problems.

Now I’m not a contractor but I should apply for my demolition license because I’ve helped take a few of these apart after bugs like termites have had there way. The most common problem with finishing a garage is that the contractor or the DIY has covered up the entry points where pests easily breeze in and out. You’ll notice I said ‘cover and NOT seal.’ The video shows the damage.

Expansion joints between two slabs of cement are prime for pest entry for a number of reasons. Covering but not treating or sealing them up can cost you big time later down the road. Insects love the free room and board and with nothing to stop them, you just might end up not having a new room anymore but you will be back to your empty shell of a garage.

I written about this before but in my latest video I have a perfect example of how important this really is. Check it out.

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