Eat bugs and save the planet

With more and more people attaching themselves to the green movement with the lofty goal of rescuing the planet I am more often dissuaded by what I see then I am heartened or inspired. There are very few Ed Begley Jrs. out there that seem to actually practice what they preach. Ed actually rides his bike anywhere he can and lives in a solar powered home. He does own a car but nobodies perfect-

If you go up the ladder much in the green movement you will find hypocrisy plain and simple. While Al Gore is telling the world to go green he has a 20 room mansion that uses $2400 dollars in natural gas and electricity per month. In fact the average home in America uses less per year than ol Al’s does in 30 days. Tsk Tsk.

Other people of influence are just as guilty and as their stories leak out it can’t do anything but hurt the movement. And maybe the next time a “save the world from global warming” conference is held why don’t all those world leaders get together using instead of the 140 private planes, several government jets, 1200 limos and all the tax payer dollars that it took to get them there? With go2meeting there is even a try it free button so what’s not to like? To top it all off they couldn’t even come up with an answer- I’m sorry but that’s pathetic.

Well in the end there will still be Ed Begley who might still be peddling for Copenhagen as we speak and Daniella Martin. Who? you askgirl meets bug is Daniella Martin? Daniella is the host of Girl meets bug, the insect cooking/travel show and she is on a mission. Her goal is to teach people the virtues of insect eating and the benefits of such a diet in stopping climate change and reduce pesticide usage. Now I can certainly go along with the idea if everybody eats the bugs I would be out of a job. She also has a theory that bugs use 20 times less food than cattle to grow while producing several times more protein. Also insects require far less water to raise and in the end if bugs were a bigger part of the worlds diet we could affect some real change. So far I am at least impressed that she definitely puts her bugs-eh em- where her mouth is but I’m not really sure what the ‘travel’ part of her quest is but hopefully it’s not in a large luxury bus with a 52 inch plasma TV and a wine chiller. Daniella has studied insects and those that eat them for quite some time but it seems that her blog is rather new. She does have some recipes listed and Waxworm Tacos seem to be her favorite.

al gore iced up pestcemetery.comNow I’m not one for a lot of alarmist notions in life, I’m old enough to remember the “New Ice Age” scare back in the 70’s. It also seems that the nightly news grabs ahold of anything and hypes it to the nth degree I guess so they can sell more ad time who knows. Top it off with elitist who tell the world to live one way while they do the exact opposite and yes my opinion tends to get loud and strong. So for me to be of a different opinion from Mr. Begley and Daniella is no big deal but at least these are two people that I can respect because they seem to talk and walk in a straight line. So, eat your bugs Ms. Martin and we wish you luck from Just don’t eat to many to fast, I’ve got one more kid to put through college.

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