Drinking Spiders Die Quickly

I get a lot of mail and I enjoy reading almost everything I get. Almost. One subject that keeps coming back is my article on catching spiders with water. Apparently some don’t believe it can be this easy to catch a wandering spider using something as simple as h20. Let me ask you then. What is the number one place you find spiders trapped inside your home? Think—– yep that’s right, you’re bathtub. The surface of most tubs are to slick for spiders to get up and out once they’ve gotten in. It’s not unusual then to find them near the drain and I’m sure you have, but what drew them there in the first place? It was the lure of life giving water.

Earlier this year I did a quick presentation on how to modify a glue board to increase you’re chances of catching these hard to control eight legged creatures. Sure sprays and dusts can work well on the thing but since they are an arachnid, insecticides are less effective. (arachnids have a different make up so insect sprays work slower) Also since they travel in places you can’t safely or cosmetically pleasingly spray ie; pesticides dripping down your walls or on your best Elvis portrait it is very difficult to get enough of a barrier in the right places to kill this illusive pest.

Enter the lure of water. Except for the black widow and maybe a few select others, spiders NEED straight drinking water almost everyday. Most get it from the dew on the grass in the morning, some from the puddles in the driveway while others eat their own web each day- not to replenish their silken thread supply but to consume the drops of condensation that collects on the beautiful ornate bug trap.

The following is a quick example of spiders doing what spiders do, drink. I had just built this beautiful oasis in the front of my yard and had no idea I had so many spiders just hanging out. It’s been dry here for a day or so and my introduction of water in the form of a Koi fish pond was a welcome sight, for the spiders. For the passed two days I could have recorded dozens of examples of spiders drinking water or of me rescuing careless spiders who ended up floating in the middle of my filling pond.

I say, use this info and get creative as to designing your own traps. Using water along with a glue board made for a mouse or insect will be so much better at attracting spiders that you’ll be amazed at what the results are. Make sure to put them in places where the cat won’t go but rest assured the spider will have no problem at finding it.

Well, check out the videos and let me know how it works for you. I’ll be eager to hear just how many spiders we can get using the spiders drinking habit to our advantage. Or you can call me a crazy loon, either way works for me. 🙂

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Information is a powerful thing and I hope together we can put to rest any undue arachnophobia’s.

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