Do you dream about pest control?

Ever have a dream where you go to school but you forgot to put on pants? I have and what’s weird is that nobody around me even noticed. How bout one where you’re being chased and whatever it is that’s after you is right on your heels and you just can’t shake it no matter what you do? They say dreams are your unconscious mind working through the problems or even rejoicing in the good that’s occurring in your life but I wonder then, why are they usually so weird? The most frustrating part of dreams for me is that I almost instantly forget them when I wake up unless they are really profound. I have had a few that I still remember and get the same emotions when thinking of them that I dreamt close to 40 years ago. I don’t remember having any problems back then but I’ll never forget those dreams.

I have had many dreams about pest control over the years (and even sleepless nights) but like I said all but a few details were lost just by waking up. It’s like a fuzzy puzzle that sort of makes sense and you almost have the full picture but something blocks you from getting the full grasp. However there is one I had a few years ago that is still pretty clear memory wise but I have no idea what it means or if it means anything at all. Like the dreams of my youth I really can’t explain this one at all and I don’t remember any big jobs or unusually stressful times which could’ve trigger it. So at the risk of seeming like a crazy person or crazier than you already think I am if you’re a regular reader, I decided to tell you about this dream that for some reason I’m able to recall but still can’t figure out.

I was in a truck going like a bat out of hell in a driving rain storm at night. It was very hard to see and a set of headlights were in my eyes but they never passed by. It seemed like I drove for a really long time and I was getting madder by the minute at the lights that wouldn’t go away. The road was winding and I kept looking down at the asphalt which was wet and lit up pretty good. (I don’t know why) Eventually I made it to a kitchen which was very clean and bright and a woman in a long flowing night gown was pointing to all these places around the room. She didn’t seem frantic or anything and I just watched her move from spot to spot pointing. I remember my tool belt was really over loaded with equipment and I couldn’t move very well compared to this lady who seemed to float across the room. Just like that the woman disappeared and I opened one of the cabinet doors. Like out of a horror movie dark black roaches just spilled out of the cabinet falling all over themselves and me. When I opened the next one the same thing. I just kept opening door after door and the bugs just kept falling but I didn’t squirm or move back. For some reason I just methodically kept opening doors. I then opened the refrigerator and the light inside was very bright but the same dark black roaches poured out almost like a waterfall. I did the stove, dishwasher, pantry and some regular doors that led to other rooms and they just kept coming. I don’t remember spraying a thing or getting excited at all as if I was in a trance. When I opened the last door there wasn’t any outpouring of bugs and when I looked around the kitchen was spotless and bright with not an insect to be seen.

When I was leaving the woman was on her porch and the dark silhouette of the house was like an old haunted mansion but she was in a hazy yet still bright gown that waved in the wind like a flag on a pole. She looked like one of those old Roman statues of a Greek goddess and I could see her for a long time in my rear view mirror. As I drove away down the long winding driveway the silhouette of the trees looked evil and barren and the night was very dark and it seemed very cold.

I’m not sure why I remember this dream but I sure would be interested to know why my subconscious thought it important enough to conjure up. Am I crazy or have you had dreams about pest control too and if so were they this weird? I guess I’ll never know what this stream of thoughts really meant but in the end I am glad about one thing, at least I didn’t forget to wear my pants.

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