Do Not Use — Rat in Toilet

What would you say if this sign were on a commode you were about to use? What if you had to go really, REALLY bad? Recently I did a story about a rat I found in a toilet and it got some comments on forums and Facebook by other professionals. We all agreed that this kind of thing was rather rare and for me, this was the first time in 26 years of pest control I had ever seen it with my own eyes so I thought so too.

Tonight on the news they did a quick story on just such an ordeal and the people got out the video camera to document it. I thought it would be a great thing to post but much to my surprise there were many such videos of rats in toilets. Is this thing more common than I thought? I was right about one thing though, rats coming up sure to have a hard time getting out of the bowl because of the slippery porcelain and that to me is a good thing.

The video I selected to show you is not the news story from today because that one wasn’t the greatest quality. This one however is a quick one showing how calm the people were and the cute commentary at the end is priceless. Well I gotta run, need to, well you know, see if there are any rats in my commode. Make sure to just let the experts handle it, you know, should you ever need.

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