CYA Real Estate Termite Inspections Series 4&5

It never ceases to amaze me to hear of companies that charge so little for WDO/WDIR inspections. Hey I even worked for a firm that gave them away FOR FREE. Now I understand about sales strategies using WDO inspections as leads but I couldn’t disagree with this approach more. Leads cost money no doubt but with all the entrapments that even a normal routine inspection can bring, a FREE WDO can end up costing you a ton of money. There is so much to concentrate on with WDIR inspections that truthfully in my mind, a sale should be the last thing for you to be thinking about.

Hopefully you’re enjoying my video series on CYA and perhaps you’re even learning something new that you can use in your next inspection. Today’s installment is video 4 & 5 but if you missed any, go back to the beginning and follow the links to find them all. As always, I would really appreciate your feedback even if you see things differently. It’s a big world and you guys didn’t get to where you are without keen insights so please feel free to comment below. CYA # 1, CYA #2 & 3, CYA #6 & 7.

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