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  • Christine Coombes

    Hello! We unfortunately had a bird nest with 3 dead birds on our trailer at the beach in Delaware. We had found mites on our bed and in our closet with our clothing. We immediately washed all of the clothing and bedding and bombed the trailer. After the bomb we wiped the entire trailer down with bleach and water. We removed the nest and sprayed the area with some outside mite killer. After the trailer was clean we left and I’m not heading back there for about a month. I believe I may have brought some of these mites home with me. I feel like I have them on my skin but I’m not sure if it’s anxiety taking over. I did bring some of the clothing home from the beach in a trash bag and I’m afraid there may still be mites living in the clothing. I took my bra out of the bag and found a Mite crawling on it 2 Days Later. Any suggestion would help. I’m afraid my house will end up being infested with these mites. I feel like there is no accurate information on the internet and do not know who to call. I don’t want to be a host!

  • Launder the clothing and throw away the bag– Take any sample mites you can collect to a local entomological dept of a local college and or a county Ag dept. Best to confirm bird mites.