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One of the earliest recorded pests the silverfish and firebrat are frustrating to get rid of. Find tips and information in the articles presented here to learn the how of these bugs control.

The Incredible, Lovable Silverfish

Wait…What?  “The incredible, lovable Silverfish?”  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Well, maybe not so lovable, but definitely incredible. Did you know Silverfish are one of the most primitive insects on earth, dating back to over 400 million years ago?  … Continue reading

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Cavemen, Entomologist And Silverfish- It’s All In The Family

Recently I was in full study mode for my Associate Certified Entomologist test which goes beyond just knowing the habitat of a roach or the techniques in yellow jacket extermination. To be an A.C.E. means you were required to know … Continue reading

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Do silverfish paks even work?

For years I’ve bought and used silverfish paks almost on a daily basis. Now I’ve been around for awhile and I think I’m a pretty good judge of what works and what doesn’t. I see a lot of silverfish damage … Continue reading

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Siverfish & Firebrats

Trapping for these guys would seem logical since they eat glues and that’s what a sticky trap is but in reality I just don’t get the results with them. It’s much like trapping a spider however so place the traps in places they’ll run to or across. Continue reading

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