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Cide at the end of pest control products means ‘to kill.’ These articles deal with how you can safely apply chemicals and products to get rid of unwanted pests without hurting your loved ones or pets.

Bug Doctor Minute; Voids to AVOID when dusting

The other day I was called out to a regular client for ‘inch worms’ that really just turned out to be Indian meal moths. That was fine, this happens a lot but while I was there we decided to do … Continue reading

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The Bug Doctor Minute; Heavy Doses Kill Less Bugs

I must have a million pictures on my computer and each one has it’s own story. The problem is I can only use so many in an article. To utilize theses pics I’ve decided to do one minute short video … Continue reading

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Multiple Layers Of Useless Pest Control

I’m constantly amazed by the amount of pesticides I find in peoples homes and I don’t mean what’s still in the bottle. Most insecticides aren’t suppose to be seen after they are applied so for someone to see what you’ve … Continue reading

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Pesticide labels promote bad pest control

true DIY fashion added another 5 or 6 ounces just to make it stronger.
He told me the only reason he bought the stuff in the first place was because the picture on the front looked like the weeds he had in his yard. Continue reading

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Thoughts from Probestblog’s Blog

It doesn’t take an entire can of Raid to kill a spider! I know you want the spider dead but dousing it with the entire can is just a waste. If the chemical calls for 1 ounce per gallon – that’s what it means and you may cause damage if you use more than that. Continue reading

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Dangers in the attic

Most often it strikes when one has no idea it’s there, they may feel completely in control and when everything seems safe it strikes. Continue reading

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Pesticides don’t come with autopilot

I’m not much of a pilot (yet) but it is my general experience that the people who fly are very meticulous and follow even the most mundane procedures to ensure safety in everything they do Continue reading

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Pesticide Poisoning

Sadly there are a lot of misconceptions about pesticides and human health. To most, all chemicals are bad and eventually you will die from their use. Continue reading

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Which one are you?

Thankfully that isn’t true. It may not be rocket science to treat for pests but sometimes it can be a real bear. Continue reading

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Home remedies that don’t work

There’s something about a home remedy that people just can’t pass up. There may be no scientific basis for something to work, no logical reason but people will hear it, catalog it in their minds and pass it along as … Continue reading

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Spring is for starting over ‘chemical disposal’

The lable says made in 1984 Chlordane; that stuff was the best chemical known to man; you just spray a litle of this and you wouldn’t have bugs for years. You wonder why they ever took it off the market and you contemplate using it for this spring. Naw, the bugs aren’t that bad and you want to wait until you really need it so you put it back on the shelf by the window. Continue reading

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Homemade insect spray

Bad things happen when one does not know the ins and outs of creating such a mixture. Nicotine is a very powerful insecticide and should be handled by those who have the equipment, training and the resources to get it right. If these folks want to tell you it can be done in your cooking pot that you’ll later use to make chili then I say they are whack! Continue reading

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Smoke em’ if you got em’

You would think if the perception of some was right that these fine men and women would be dropping like flies from being exposed and so close to all these dangerous chemicals. The truth is that electrical shock is the # 1 killer of pest control technicians, NOT pesticide poisoning. Continue reading

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