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Really a frustrating insect and to top it off they are parasites that suck blood. Homeowners spend hundreds of do it yourself dollars trying to rid themselves of the flea with little results. Get the facts and insights to make your money and efforts work for you.

3 critical areas forgotten in flea control

Ok I know if I mention treating the pet or the carpets you’re gonna hit the back button lickidty split because every site says this so I won’t say a word about those two-Deal? Deal. So here’s the scoop on … Continue reading

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Sticktight Fleas The Eyes Have It

Traditionally we think of fleas as hopping all about our socks and infesting our pets and for the most part that is correct. There are however over 2400 different kinds of fleas and the variety of nature didn’t pass them … Continue reading

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Answers don’t solve flea problems, questions do

Master Po; Answers DO NOT solve flea problems, questions do! Young Caine; But how can a question be more powerful than the answer? Master Po; Grass hopper, when you understand this paradox, you may live in harmony in your flea … Continue reading

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The Perfect Flea Job

A few years ago I was called out to a flea job from a lady who had been through 3 exterminators, 6 or 7 bug bombs and God knows how much $$ she spent on fleas sprays and elixirs. She … Continue reading

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Why ‘green lights’ work to attract fleas

Scents and colors can warn a bug about impending danger or clue them in that a food source is near by. For trapping fleas and getting some immediate relief for you and Tiger, you just need to give fleas the green light. Continue reading

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Fleas in vacant homes

I tell my clients to picture their flea spray like a mine field and the fleas are in it. You can have a thousand mines in the carpet but Continue reading

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How to make your own flea trap

This trap will not solve all of your flea problems and is not a complete home flea treatment but; it can give some relief to frustrated homeowners and gives your sadistic side a little satisfaction when you see all those pesky fleas dead in your contraption. Continue reading

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The Flea Circus in Your Home

Ever wonder how they train fleas? Ever wonder how to get rid of them once they’ve infested your home? Read “The Flea circus in your home” at and take control. Continue reading

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